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July Round Up

New movies seen: 22
Rewinds: 3
Total: 25

The time my blog is most active this year is the time I had a lot on my plate. Do you ever have days when days literally fly by and you find yourself being in one specific day when it's actually the next day? You know, like you think it's Tuesday, but it's already Wednesday, or worst, Thursday? I think it helps that I had some posts on queue. But anyway, onto the monthly links you may have missed!


This month's links to check out are mostly lists, so I'm just going to list them down as well.

Top 10 Male and Female Performances in Woody Allen films by Alex from And So It Begins. Also, his Top 10 American movies.

50 Movies in 50 States from TimeOut.

Top 10 Meg Ryan Performances by Fisti from A Fistful Of Films.

Amusement park scenes by Odie from Movie Mezzanine.

If Anchorman was on Sega from Buckets & Spades.

10 Misleading Trailers and 8 Quirky Females from The Artifice