Trailer: The Fault In Our Stars

For someone who has read the book, I have high expectations for this film. Thankfully it doesn't ruin the said expectation (yet). While it takes the route of usual romance trailers, I like how it doesn't spoil anything for the non-reader, but it gives life to those pages we've all read, leading to that end. Shailene Woodley does look the role, and she has good chemistry with Ansel Elgort. Elgort does look like he's going to nail the role, as Augustus is supposed to be charming and well-liked. Hopefully the film does not disappoint. 

Frances Ha

It's been some time since a film has a profound meaning in my life, and after watching Frances Ha, I found myself staring at a film version of me: a twenty something year old who hasn't got her shit together in life. I'm a firm believer that at 25 you should have some kind of direction in your life. Frances Ha pretty much reminded me of that, and even if I'm still a couple of years away from that, I actually feel freaked out. Realizing something about yourself in a 90 minute film does say something about the work, doesn't it?

Notes on a Scandal

How far would we go for a friend? When is the line between genuine friendship and obsession crossed? Barbara is a teacher who always felt alone, especially after her only friend has left. She meets the new art teacher Sheba Hart, and determined that she would be her new friend, the replacement for her old one. The relationship works to her advantage when she seizes an opportunity to hold on to Sheba after uncovering her secret. What follows is Barbara's prodding into Sheba's life wanting to be part of it, that she would go to a different extent that would eventually threaten the relationship.


Working like a simple yet complex poem, Closer embarks on the joys and pains of romantic relationships, entwining itself among four people from different stances of life. There's Dan, a wannabe writer who writes eulogies. He's in a relationship with Alice, a stripper who went to London to get away from things. Then there's Anna, a photographer who later on embarks in a relationship with Larry, the doctor. While not a stand-off work, its beauty comes from its flowery dialogue, the sharp cinematography and the stand out performances of two of its actors. It flows in a span of years, giving glimpse per glimpse of how love can make or break people.

Life, Love and the Movies Blogathon

Life, Love and the Movies Blogathon is hosted by My Film Views and Karamel Kinema. Click the banner for instructions! It's actually a great way to know where the love for movies came from, and at the same time, to know more about the bloggers who participate. 

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

For a character that was played by four actors, Jack Ryan has struggled to find its footing on the big screen. While it hasn't reached the heights of Ethan Hunt, Jason Bourne and James Bond, he still has a screen presence that screams potential franchise material. If everything goes well for this origin story, Pine might even see himself another big franchise. Despite its little entertaining qualities, the entire movie was underwhelming for an origin story. It fell drastically on climactic parts, and it lacked a thrilling aspect that keeps the flick interesting.

Trailer: The Pretty One

The first Zoe Kazan feature I've seen was Ruby Sparks, and she was delightful in it. Now teaming up with New Girl's Jake Johnson (whose film work I appreciate better than his sitcom stuff), Kazan brings to life two sisters who could have been nothing alike. While the trailer pretty much explains everything that's going to happen (leaving nothing to the imagination), it looks charming. Let's just hope it doesn't disappoint. 

About Time

It may have masquerade itself as another time traveling romance movie, but About Time should not be dismissed. A work by Richard Curtis, About Time displays more than a love story, but rather, a coming of age of an adult, particularly when he steps out of the confinement of his own home. It's different from romantic comedies in a way that it doesn't stop at the happy ending, but rather goes further into their lives.

Blade Runner

One down, eleven to go. I sort of cheated here; I didn't have the copy of the original film, but I watched the 2007 digitally remastered one. In the future, the world has replicants, robotic creatures that could not be distinguished from human beings. Because of their act of rebellion, they were banned from earth, and had assassins called Blade Runners to terminate the rebels. The film starts with four rebels landing to earth in order to find a way to prolong their lives, with retired Blade Runner Deckard on their tale.

Enough Said

Finding love was never an easy feat. It wasn't easy when one is young, and it certainly doesn't get easier when one gets older. That was the case of Eva as she goes through life in a familiar routine. She goes to work in the morning and devours her attention to her daughter at her free time, occasionally going out to social events with friends and hoping to run into somebody remotely interesting. She evidently does, in the form of Albert, this honest, carefree divorcee, whom she soon connects with. The problem however, lies in his previous marriage, as Julia finds out that she is dating her new friend's ex husband.

The Departed

I've seen bits of The Departed maybe once or twice, but I've never seen the whole movie until recently. The inkling to see it definitely paid off, as I was treated to a work with growing momentum, great performances and a smashing finale. It wasn't just a good cop, bad cop movie, but the characters had an identity that became their facade for deception, and they were a deceiving bunch indeed. 

Favorite Movies of 2013

In a way, 2013 can be considered a good year for film, as there were obvious stand-outs from a roster ranging from really awful to cinematic classic. Even so, I haven't seen my share of releases this year, my count barely going over 50, and not all of them with quality. Still, there were some that have managed to make it to my favorites this year, albeit just a handful of them. I decided not to make a top list simply because there's so much I have yet to see. Here are my favorites from this year. The list is arranged alphabetically.