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04/14: Et tu, Brute?

I started the month with watching the worst series finale I have ever seen (I'm looking at you, How I Met Your Mother). I don't think I'll ever get over the finale and I don't think I'll be seeing the show again anytime soon (or at all - sorry). I wonder how the spinoff will work, and if people are still willing to invest their time (and all emotions) in, considering the finale. In social media news, the blog is now on Twitter! I found a copy of The Princess Bride in my local bookstore, so I've been pretty much devouring the pages - and it's as good as the film. So, onto the movies I've seen this month!

A Little Princess | Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues | Chicago | Dave | Dom Hemingway | Ernest & Celestine | Footloose | Hateship Loveship | Johnny English | Moonstruck | Office Space | Pan's Labyrinth | Reality Bites | Shopgirl | The Bling Ring | The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo | The Good Girl | The Grand Budapest HotelThe Last Temptation of Christ | The Nut Job | The Watch

A Little Princess - The cinematography was great.
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues - If you enjoyed the first movie, you'd probably enjoy this as well.
Dave - It's entertaining, and a light movie to see.
Dom Hemingway - Jude Law is outrageous. 
Ernest & Celestine - a cute animated film (it looks traditionally hand drawn, or that's really good digital work) about the friendship between two unlikely creatures.
Footloose - I expected something in the likes of Grease. I liked the music, and the film introduced us to the worst love interest on the planet.
Hateship Loveship - I did not love this at all. Nor did I hate it - I don't really think of anything about it.
Johnny English - Not bad. It did merit a sequel.
Moonstruck - Maybe it's just me, but I didn't get the adoration about this.
Office Space - It's quite funny, an enjoyable movie to watch.
Reality Bites - It's a bit over the place, but if you consider the title, the film is quite fitting.
The Good Girl - Jennifer Aniston has shown some talent, but I can't figure out if she's using an accent because it slips in and out of the scenes.
Shopgirl - I prefer the novella over the film, but the three actors look perfectly cast.
The Nut Job - What did I just watch?
The Watch - An okay movie to pass the time. 

This is a very late link (considering I do recaps at the end of every month) - but if you haven't been playing the 2048 Tom Hiddleston version of the game, you should go try it out. It will make you lose your productivity - and eat lots of your time.

The biggest television event of the year - Game of Thrones - started this month, and you're probably all caught up, but check out Sati's recaps! Two Swords | The Lion and the Rose | Breaker of Chains | Oathkeeper

One of television's well-looking shows - Mad Men - also starts the first half of its final season, so check out Sofia's recaps! Time Zones | A Day's Work |

Ryan talks about how we live in an age where the element of surprise (in terms of film and television) is no longer present due to our adherence to spoiler culture.

Alex highlights the best performances of one of the greatest actors working in the industry: Bill Murray.

Andrew asks, what is overrated?


  1. 10000% agree on HIMYM finale. I just realised I've stopped hurting, though -- maybe long, long nights with Shameless have helped me overcome my anger and disappointment? :D

    1. I think it did. I don't watch Shameless, but yes, long long nights of a different show helps with the healing process! :)

  2. Thank you so much for the links! I saw Anchorman 2 last week and pretty much hated it. I wasn't a fan of the first movie but this one was even worse.

    1. It's something for the fans of the first movie. The only part I liked in the movie was the news anchor showdown, so I was happy that they kept that element in the second movie.

  3. Well, all I kept thinking was where the hell can I get that mug because YES ! :D

    I stopped watching HIMYM about the time Lily and Marshall started the idea of a family I think, some episodes here and there.. not many and well, I guess I was right to do so as the investment of so many didn't pay off with the finale..

    I remember the day after, I got a call from my best friend, she was furious.. so I know all about the things that happened from her rant and well, what I've heard.. way to end a show on a crappy note.

    1. It was really disappointing and frustrating how they ended it. It's hard to re-watch the show knowing that you're not going to like how it ends. I know people who've seen the show two weeks prior to the finale (major marathon), and even they were disappointed with the outcome. The show really led on its viewers, and I don't think the way the ended this would have a good effect on its spin-off.


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