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05/14: (Booking) Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

May flew by pretty fast. The month started off with celebrating the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls and Friends (still one of the greatest shows on television). I was on a bit of a movie rut this month, so I decided to devote some time into reading. I started off with The Descendants, which was accurately portrayed on-screen. It wasn't hard to imagine the actors playing the characters in the novel. I've also read Tarantula, which was the basis for Pedro Almodovar's The Skin I Live In. I still haven't seen the film, but I did enjoy the book; hopefully the film will deliver such promise. May also marked the announcement of show cancellations, and sad to say that a lot of the comedy shows I watched got axed. It also doesn't help that Parks & Rec got moved mid-season (ending their 7 year run with only 13 episodes). There's a lot of interesting shows that got ordered though, with the buzz currently surrounding Gotham and Agent Carter. Listing down the new movies I've seen this month, I noticed that I didn't see much compared to the previous monthly recaps - primarily because I've been on a re-watch binge. So without further ado, this month's recap!

9 | 3 Days to Kill | Casablanca | In & Out | Maleficent | Non-Stop | Philomena | RoboCop (1987) | RoboCop (2014) | The Other Woman | The Running Man | The Terminator | Walk of Shame | Wet Hot American Summer | X-Men: Days of Future Past

9 - The animation was all right, but none of the events would have happened if it wasn't for curiosity (which is sort of a bad thing in their apocalyptic world).
3 Days to Kill - I would have appreciated it better if it stuck to the action thriller sequence, as the depth it was trying to put on didn't really make any sense. A lot of things could have been written out and it would still be a decent movie. 
In & Out - This was slowly becoming a really bad movie about homosexuality and ultimately finding yourself.
Maleficent - The use of CGI and Jolie looking like the part aside, the movie was a bit dull. While it does promote women empowerment, I wished that the character retained its evil mark, or the production went all in when it came to changing the story. There were so much parts that could have been rewritten, and characters to be used. Like Aurora and Maleficent could have gone to battle with the king (which might not have made sense, but with the paranoia of the king, it just might work).
Non-Stop - It got the plane thriller genre just right. A fun movie to watch. 
Philomena - It didn't use cheap emotional tactics (but something like this done in a more dramatic tone would have been a sobfest) to trick you into crying but that has got to be one of the painful experiences a mother could have. 
The Running Man - It was surprisingly entertaining.
The Terminator - I thought this was the one I saw besides Terminator 3. I guess not. It's a good origin story...for John Connor.
Wet Hot American Summer - It didn't make sense at all. I saw this for all the familiar faces though.
X-Men: Days of Future Past - This was awesome, a worthy sequel to X-Men: First Class. 

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  1. Thank you so much for the link! I thought Philomena was a bit manipulative with all those home videos, but I did love the movie. Very powerful.

    1. The movie was great - it featured a lot of sad moments, but I think I was overcome by the anger due to the fact that the two could have been reunited earlier on in life, if not for the nuns.


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