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6/14: Somewhere, the Elf Spoke + Announcements

Hey there. So, the blog's been quiet for the past couple of days - my laptop was having its moments, and I do the editing there. It's also been quiet because I haven't seen much movies, at least the ones that are new to me. Hopefully, the slow writing person in me would snap out because these coming months will be eerily silent if I don't go and write something. Speaking of those quiet months, I'm really hoping it doesn't come down to that, but I would be taking a short hiatus at the end of the month. I'm going on vacation, and would be leaving the space speechless for a month, if I don't get some writing done. Hopefully, I could have some posts on queue.

Usually I take this space to ramble about anything movie-related before moving on to the monthly links and movie watching recap, but I'd like to introduce a new semi-feature on the blog: Project 52: A Year in Books. I've always loved to read, and I thought that this would help me keep motivated. I started this personal mission last year (this marks the second year), and while I didn't meet my end goal, it gave me a glimpse of the kind of literature I was reading. I have to say I was reading much better stuff before I started on the project, so that should tell me something. Anyway, I hope you drop by the page (it will be up by the end of the week), and if you have suggested readings, please feel free to do so! I love getting recommendations, and get some awesome material out of it. I may be reviewing some of the books soon, but I'm still undecided on that.

Bad Santa | Bad Words | Blended | Cuban Fury | Edge of Tomorrow | How to Train Your Dragon 2 | Noah | Rear Window | The Bounty Hunter | The Fault in Our Stars

Bad Santa - It's an entertaining movie, suitable for a non-typical Christmas movie.
Bad Words - It's a decent comedy with an element of drama. I liked some scenes, and the child actor was charismatic.
Blended - It's a decent Adam Sandler comedy. There's not much crude humor (which plagues his comedies, really).
Cuban Fury - There's nothing really much going on in the movie. I did like the dancing, though.
Edge of Tomorrow - Emily Blunt was awesome, and she deserves more credit to her career. I like Tom Cruise's character; he was vulnerable and confused, something that he hasn't been playing in his recent films. There was this great sequence in the finale; it was amazing.
How to Train Your Dragon 2 - It might not have been at par with the first, but it was still a fantastic sequel.
Noah - The visual effects are going to kill my eyes; those I did not enjoy and could do away with.
The Bounty Hunter - It's not as half bad as I thought it would be.

Some movie reviews:
m.brown reviews Neighbors.
Dan H. reviews Pierrot le Fou.
Ryan reviews Obvious Child
Anna reviews Before Sunset.
Chris reviews Frank.

If you've read my review on The Fault in our Stars, I mentioned that a non-book reader's opinion is the optimal way to get an unbiased opinion. Love & Squalor didn't like the film as much as I did, but her review opened my eyes to some aspects that the film was missing. Read Wilde.Dash's review here.

Andrew/Fisti is currently hosting Twice a Best Actor Bloggers Roundtable, where he, along with 5 others discuss the performances and films that the actors have won Oscars for. Here's the run down so far: Sean Penn | Gary Cooper | Dustin Hoffman

If you're a fan of Game of Thrones, Sati makes a compelling case on why Lady Stoneheart should be featured on the show.

Sara discusses the portrayal of teenage pregnancies in film.


  1. I loved How To Train Your Dragon 2. I hope it's not so stellar (to their standards) box office doesn't affect the 3rd film that's supposed to come out in a few years.

    1. There's still an audience (and a big one at that) for the movies, so I don't think the release of the 3rd film will be that affected.

  2. Thank you for the link! Oh I really want to see Edge of Tomorrow, glad to know it's good.

    1. It was! I would have thought it to be a bit mediocre, but it was actually good.

  3. Thanks for the link! That's incredibly kind of you to link my nonsense from your rad site. I fully appreciate it.

    I'm looking forward to Project 52. Sounds like a very cool endeavor.

    1. You're welcome! I'm a big fan of your site (though I don't really comment as much as I would like to).

  4. Happy to see your review of Edge of Tomorrow; I really wanted to see that in theaters but I'm looking forward to see it on dvd. Sorry to hear that you didn't like Noah; I enjoyed the visual effects though the story bore on a little too much for me.
    Good luck with your reading goals! :)

    1. Noah became a visual headache for me, primarily due to the transitions. They were just very bright and very fast, that I had to close my eyes for a minute.

  5. Have a great vacation! I loved Blunt too in Edge of Tomorrow, in fact I developed a little girl crush on her

    1. Thank you! Blunt was awesome in Edge of Tomorrow - she didn't let Tom Cruise overshadow her, and she was her own character.


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