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7/14: Light Kisses from the Breeze, I Stood Wondering.

How did July treat everybody? Whether you've been basking under the sun, or running from the rain, or trying to stay warm, I hope you had a great month! This post would not be as updated as the previous monthly recap, as I've had this on queue before I left for vacation. Still, I think I managed to have watched a few new to me films, and tackled some of my reading material. I announced last month about my reading project, and it might have took some time to have it up, but here is it : Project 52: A Year in Books. I'll be updating the page as the year goes, but feel free to suggest some reading material. So, on with the (sort of) recap!

22 Jump Street | A Long Way Down | Begin Again | Chef | E.T. The Extra Terrestrial | Rio 2 | Smashed | The Angriest Man in Brooklyn | The Raid | They Came Together

22 Jump Street - It was very funny, partly because of the material and because of the atmosphere in the theater. It still doesn't beat the first one, though.
A Long Way Down - I'm not sure if the source material itself is mediocre, but the movie definitely was.
Begin Again - I am obsessed with the soundtrack of this film. I really can't believe Keira Knightley did her singing. She was good. The film was charming, and not how I expected it to be. 
Rio 2 - It tried to capture the same creativity and liveliness of its predecessor, but it lacked the punch it needed to make it a bonafide hit.
The Angriest Man in Brooklyn - This was pretty lackluster. Even Peter Dinklage couldn't save this.
The Raid - There's definitely a lot of action sequences. 
They Came Together - I like the premise - that it acts as a parody on romantic comedies - and is pretty blatant with that from the start. There were a lot of elements lifted from some of the well-known romantic comedies, and the movie doesn't waste any time with making fun of the genre and the stereotypes that go along with it. I didn't expect much because the trailer looks ridiculous, but as someone whose seen a fair share of the genre, this will give you a chuckle or two.

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  1. Thanks for the link! I'm obsessed with Begin Again now as well. I remember Keira singing in The Edge of Love, but I don't remember her voice sounding like it did here. It's lovely!

    1. She sounded great, I couldn't believe it was her singing. I hope she gets more opportunities to show off her singing talents.


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