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11/14: On the Day of the Apocalypse, Treat Yourself to a Popsicle*

November was a rather friendly month, blog wise. I managed to write actual things instead of just continuously burying myself in movies and TV series. A ton of shows also got axed this month, but none of what I currently follow (although I still would like to know what happens in A to Z). Fall shows also started their hiatus, so it's during this time that I'm supposed to catch up with whatever I missed, but who knows? Even my reading has begun to pile up; I'm not sure if this is a normal reading habit (but I know at least one more person with the same habit) but I tend to read a couple of books at the same time, thus the continuous pile on my desk/books unceremoniously shoved on top of other books for easy access. What have you been up to?

*title of this month's recap taken from a game I'm playing

A Merry Friggin' Christmas | About Alex | Big Hero 6 | Bowfinger | Boyhood | Chicken Run | Dr. Strangelove or : How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb | Eagle Eye | Ghostbusters | High School Debut | In Good Company | Inside Man | Interstellar | Jurassic Park | Killer Joe | Le Week-end | Let's Be Cops | Lucy | Magic in the Moonlight | Need for Speed | Planet Terror | Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale | Spirited Away | The Boxtrolls | The Fugitive | The Grand Seduction | The Jewel of the Nile | The Long Kiss Goodnight | The One I Love | The Shawshank Redemption | The Starving Games | We Are The Best! | Words and Pictures

A Merry Friggin' Christmas - This, unfortunately has to be the worst Robin Williams movie I have ever seen. His character was reduced to a deadbeat dad whom the movie tried to give a revival-scene of some sort but really doesn't work. Joel McHale, who always somewhat plays douche roles gives a really crappy performance, and the rest of the family members were reduced to thankless roles.

About Alex - I liked the cast, but they were wasted on this movie. Not that any of their performances were memorable (but Max Greenfield really nails the douche character), but the movie itself seems like it's going nowhere and only deals with their drama outside of Alex's drama.

Big Hero 6 - This was incredibly funny! It's going to be a big contender come awards seasons.

Bowfinger - It had its funny bits, but it works if you're going to accept that the premise was possible. They could have hammed up Eddie Murphy's alien fear though; in general, he wasn't given much to work with.

Chicken Run - It was a delightful stop-motion movie.

Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb - Besides the fantastic title, it was a funny film. My favorite characters would have to be Mandrake (so hilarious), and the president. Peter Sellers was able to portray three distinctive characters in one film, that he was able to make them unique and unforgettable in their own way.

Eagle Eye - This was intense, but kind of dumb. Like "if he was thinking clearly, none of that would have happened" kind of dumb.

Ghostbusters - It was a fun movie. That sounds unenthusiastic, but it was a fun watch, not to mention catchy theme song. Now I understand the pop culture references made from the movie, and the green slime ghost sort of reminded me of one of Casper's ghost uncles. 

High School Debut  - It's a cutesy, optimistic movie. I found it nostalgic when back in high school I'd watch Asian movies like this.

In Good Company - The synopsis of the movie is very misleading. I'm not ever certain who is the lead here. I'm not even sure how the movie concluded that way. I'm not even sure why the love story was relevant in the story or the situation the two leads were in. 

Inside Man - I have no idea why I've been itching to watch this, but I did, and it was all right. It was very focused on Denzel Washington's character, and I don't really understand the purpose of Jodie Foster's character. The movie would still be the same whether she's there or not.

Jurassic Park - Review coming soon.

Killer Joe - I don't think I can look at a chicken leg the same way ever again. Matthew McConaughey is great, as well as Juno Temple (the characters really don't give Dottie some credit) and Thomas Hayden Church.

Le Week-end - I liked the banter between Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan but there were parts that were lost in the film. The conversation just floated from one topic to another that there's no gradual breakthrough when it came to their relationship. Also, Jeff Goldblum was so awkward here. I guess he was supposed to play the anti-thesis of Broadbent's character, but was reduced to this manic fanboy personality.

Let's Be Cops - I was actually expecting it to be bad, but I did laugh at a few parts. It was very reminiscent of New Girl though.

Lucy - I thought this was more of an action flick, but it's really embedded deep into the sci-fi genre. The whole evolution story doesn't make sense at first, but it gets explained. Scarlett Johansson was a great lead, and while I didn't think the movie amounted much, her performance really made it a lot better. 

Magic in the Moonlight - Review coming soon.

Need for Speed - It was a pretty decent movie, although I got a bit bothered by the car shots (those when they show the speed the car is going). I'm not a racer, and I definitely haven't seen racing movies outside the Fast franchise, but I was getting annoyed at those scenes because the car was also slowing down and speeding up and shifting gears when it clearly shouldn't have been. At least based on those other racing movies.

Planet Terror - Rose McGowan was pretty awesome at the last act of the movie. Robert Rodriguez's movies might not be my kind of stuff, but this was entertaining. 

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale - A great take on the origins of Santa, it has enough horror that it's still kid friendly, and still has that tinge of hope that uplifts the movie's cold atmosphere.

Spirited Away - I've always been seeing bits of this on television but I was never intrigued until I watched the whole film. It's flawless. It currently stands as my favorite Studio Ghibli film.

The Boxtrolls - It was better than I expected. What is with this town, and cheese?

The Fugitive - I was expecting something similar to that Gerard Butler/Jamie Foxx movie, but this was much better. I've usually found some of Tommy Lee Jones' characters bland, but I liked him in this one.

The Grand Seduction - Whoever picked the location and the director of photography and the cinematographer of this film did a tremendous job because the setting was beautiful, and the way it was filmed was complimentary to the vividness of the harbor. There were still a few flaws in the writing, but it was well written. The film was hilarious! Brendan Gleeson was fantastic, and I enjoyed Taylor Kitsch's performance.

The Jewel of the Nile - If I knew there was a sequel months ago after I've watched Romancing the Stone, I would have seen this right away. There was something charming in the first movie, but it was lost when the sequel came out. I don't mind romance adventure movies (because they look like stories you would read from books), but the spark that made Romancing work wasn't present here. They should have revised the script to have less scenes with Kathleen Turner screaming; she was practically screaming in every other scene.

The Long Kiss Goodnight - I haven't seen much Geena Davis movies, so this is something different from her other works. If they're making a female Expendables flick, she should be in the roster. Her performance here was wickedly different from the nice-woman aura I've always seen her in.

The Starving Games - It's not as idiotic as other parody movies I've seen. 

We Are The Best! - It's really a movie of friendship and self-discovery dressed in a 1980's punk band. While the story shifts focus on the friendship between Bobo and Klara, Hedvig turns out to be the neutral ground that keeps the story grounded and avoid tipping over to the dramatic side.

Words and Pictures - I like Clive Owen. I like Juliette Binoche. I did not like this movie. The whole words vs pictures debacle got swallowed in undeveloped drama involving the two characters.

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