02/15: There is only one heart in this body, have mercy on me.

February was fast! The whole month went by on a blur that I don't really recall much of it. Awards season is over, not to mention the fantastic show that is Parks & Recreation. I liked the final episode, though I still wished that they got a whole season run as opposed to 13 episodes. This coming month is going to be pretty busy, even I've been slacking on blog work and commenting on other blogs as well. By the rate I'm going, I'm probably having my Thursday Movie Picks posts up this month. Anyway here's this month's recap!

48 Hrs. | A Knight's Tale | A Walk Among Tombstones | Aeon Flux | Annie Hall | Buried | Cactus Flower | Chungking Express | Collateral | District 9 | Emma | Fahrenheit 451 | Grease 2 | Horrible Bosses 2 | Idiocracy | Journey to Agartha | Just Wright | Kingsman: The Secret Service | Playing It Cool |  The Absent One | The Keeper of Lost Causes | The Lunchbox | The Theory of Everything | Titan A.E.

48 Hrs. - This did not age well.

A Knight's Tale - It wasn't silly enough to be funny, and it was serious enough to be taken seriously.

A Walk Among Tombstones - I read that Ruth Wilson was supposed to be in this. I wonder how it would have all worked out. Progression was a bit slow, and the final act was a bit messy, but it was a good movie.

Aeon Flux - It looked like it had potential but it didn't go beyond being something more.

Buried - Thirty minutes after watching this and I'm still frustrated with the way things ended. I'm all for the one-man act, but I'm not a fan of Ryan Reynolds so I might have liked this more if a different actor played the role.

Cactus Flower - It was quite simple, actually. I think I would have liked it more if I didn't watch Just Go With It first as it follows the same plot structure. Ingrid Bergman was a darling, and I would have liked to watch more from her character.

Chungking Express - I liked the artistic style of Wong Kar Wai, as he weaves two stories of love using a nighttime stall as its connection. I thought the first segment was slightly lacking, but it was the second segment that got my attention.

Collateral - It looks well-put, and the style of filming compliments the atmosphere of the movie. However, there were some parts of the story that lacked closure, or at least justification of their removal from the scene and the progression.

District 9 - I like the documentary style that was used for the film. I also like how it's not the typical sci-fi kind of movie. It does start off slow, but the latter half does get interesting. 

Emma - I prefer Clueless. I was expecting to be swept away by the romance between Emma and Mr. Knightley, considering the other classic books that had me root for the central characters. Something was amiss here as it lacked that wonderful feeling you get when they finally end up together.

Grease 2 - This was hilariously bad.

Horrible Bosses 2 - It was very aware of its antics, and yet it was trying not to be aware of the antics. This is my favorite Chris Pine role to date. Christoph Waltz is really good at his job because while he looks all right as the villain, he does not look like he's having fun with his role.

Idiocracy - I thought this would be pretty silly and unfunny. I was wrong; it was pretty decent.

Journey to Agartha - The characters were a bit one-dimension. This animated movie dives into the topic of death and the capability to move forward with life. It was a good movie, and would be watching more movies from the director.

Just Wright - I've only seen the ending of this movie, so decided to finally watch the whole thing. That, and I'm starting to work on my female director movie watch list. It didn't shy away from the romantic comedy trope. This one has a likable couple though, in the form of Queen Latifah and Common. It had a lot of cheese, but you still end up rooting for them in the end.

Kingsman: The Secret Service - I wasn't even planning on watching this, but heard great things about it. It really was awesome!

Playing It Cool - I have a lot of frustrations about this movie. Michelle Monaghan's character is so paper thin that I don't even know why Chris Evan's character likes her. Same goes for his character, he clearly has issues and he's always going on about love but what his character was really looking for was someone he knows is never going to give the feeling back because he's already set himself up to be disappointed. He keeps on wallowing on and running after this woman who clearly knows that she's stringing him on. The plot was cliche at best, and I would rather watch more scenes of the character's friends, rather than watching the two leads themselves. For a rom-com that follows a typical setting, this one doesn't have cheese or at least have you cheer for the leads, I end up not caring whether they end up together.

The Lunchbox - I feel like there was something lost in translation about this that I wasn't satisfied with the outcome of the movie.

Titan A.E. - Maybe I should have watched this when it first came out. I would have enjoyed it then. It's well-put, but a bit forgettable.

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  1. So glad you liked Kingsman! Thanks for the link!

  2. thanks for linking! I want to see Kingsman, I miss a good Firth movie! Another one of his I want to watch is Before I Go to Sleep, but I'm thinking first I'd like to read the novel.

    1. I didn't know Before I Go to Sleep was based from a novel. Kingsman was pretty great!

    2. It is, and they say the novel is good! It's been compared to Gone Girl.

  3. Aeon Flux had so much potential. Not sure if you're familiar with the animated shorts that inspired this but it had quite the darker and grittier tone. Right from the start this was too glossy.

    You're dead on about Just Wright. It's so corny and predictable yet you end up kinda liking it.

    Thanks so much for the link!

    1. I'm not familiar with the animated shorts, but I'll try to search for them.

    2. Pretty sure they're on YouTube. They aired on MTV during the mid 90s when the network was doing good and varied work in animation.

    3. I'll go look for them on YouTube, thanks for the tip!

  4. Great post! I really like District 9, though it's quite grim, and it's one of my son's favorite movies. The documentary format felt kind of odd at first, but I felt it fit the movie very well. Now you've got me wanting to see Kingsman. :-)

    Thanks for the link!

    1. I found it difficult to watch District 9 at first because of the documentary format, but it really does fit well with the film!

  5. I loved District 9, I was so happy when that film got a Best Picture nomination. It's pretty much the main reason I loved that change, was for films like that to get noticed.

    I thought Buried really worked for a film where you never leave the box. It freaks me out just thinking about it again.

    1. District 9's nomination was worth it, the film was amazing. Buried was quite thrilling, I could never get over what happened in the end. Considering it was only Reynolds the entire time, this was a good vehicle for him to show off his chops, but I'm not a big fan of the guy.

  6. Totally agree about Chris Pine in Horrible Bosses 2. He was so much fun and really funny!

    "A Knight's Tale - It wasn't silly enough to be funny, and it was serious enough to be taken seriously."

    I agree with this. I enjoyed this film when I was younger, but not so much now.