05/15: Oh what a day, what a lovely day!

Hey there! It's the end of another month (and the beginning of a new one!), which means we're almost halfway through the year! May flew by so fast that I didn't have an inkling on what day it was so I was surprised when the last week rolled in and I haven't even started on my monthly recap! My movie viewing count is more or less the same last month, but there are huge gaps on my movie viewing schedule. Those gaps are filled with work responsibilities and new and old hobbies. I got four books down this month and it won't be long before I finish reading my goal of 52 books. I caught up with a few 2015 releases - I realized that it's almost halfway through the year and I have seen a significant low number of new releases so I was glad I found a weekend to squeeze a few of those in. So, what have you been up to?

Beyond the Lights | Butterfly Kiss | Commando | Con Air | Home | Mad Max: Fury Road | Manderlay | Nothing Sacred | Of Human Bondage | People Like Us | Pitch Perfect 2 | Post Grad | Spy | The Age of Adaline | The Five Obstructions | The Pleasure of Being Robbed | The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water | The Young Girls of Rochefort | When Darkness Falls

Beyond the Lights - This was amazing! The story focused more on Noni although she and Kaz were in similar situations. Gugu Mbatha-Raw was fantastic.

Butterfly Kiss - I wanted to like it; it was branded as the British 'Thelma & Louise'! Amanda Plummer's performance was disturbing, and the movie doesn't do anything for me. 

Commando - This was fun. It wasn't remarkable, but for an afternoon of easy viewing, this one is a good pick. 

Con Air - I watched Con Air earlier than Commando, and I feel the same about both movies.

Home - I was expecting this to be cuter as I enjoyed the trailer for the movie. It felt a lot longer than an animation movie should be (though it's not!).

Mad Max: Fury Road - SO AWESOME. I wanted to applaud after the first fade to black scene. I think the only thing that ruined the viewing for me was that I was squished in the cinema. I'm so used to sitting alone with vacant seats in between, and the people around me weren't reacting that I wanted to shake them all and ask if they're enjoying the movie.

Manderlay - Maybe I should have watched Dogville first. I liked the narration and the set, but at the last twenty minutes, all I can say is 'What the hell just happened?'

Nothing Sacred - As much as I'd like to enjoy black & white films from back in the day, I still have to grasp that back in that time, men abusing women *spoiler* he punches her to knock her out *spoiler* was something of the ordinary and was used as comic relied. I keep on reminding myself that movies have since then evolved.

People Like Us - A bit of light drama, it was all right; it wasn't a game changer in the genre.

Pitch Perfect 2 - I was not impressed with the sequel.

Post Grad - This movie seemed all over the place and it didn't account to much.

Spy - It's not smart, but without expectations it was funny. I found Jason Statham's character to be superfluous but he was funny in the movie so I don't really know what to feel about his presence.

The Age of Adaline - I did not expect to like this! I'm not a fan of Blake Lively but she was perfectly cast for the role. The weakest link for me was the lead guy. I expected it to be more dramatic as well, especially when *spoiler* Harrison Ford's character gets introduced and it was all getting awkward and weird because of their previous relationship. *spoiler*

The Pleasure of Being Robbed - It didn't have a story and the lead character was detestable. However, I felt frantic for the character because of the things she was doing (she was a kleptomaniac for no apparent reason). She was stressing me out the entire duration of the movie.

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water - This felt like one of their TV movies so I don't understand why it had to be released theatrically. 

The Young Girls of Rochefort - This was also a fun musical. The clothes were all wonderful, I really like how fashionable everyone appeared on the film, especially the sisters.

When Darkness Falls - This is a powerful film about abuse/violence and regaining control of your life, told in three different stories. I've never seen a movie that involves honor killing before but this was an eye opener.

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  1. I love your blog. It's really beautiful and simple. I've been really wanting to see 'Beyond the Lights.' When I first saw the promos for the film, I thought it was a typical popstar vehicle film, then I realized that it was starring Gugu and Mini Driver. I'm so glad that an actual actress is in the film. Gugu is so good that she had me fooled in the previews. It looks like you watched a lot of movies this month! I would highly recommend fury road.

    1. Beyond the Lights is so under seen, it's a fantastic movie. I liked Gugu's performance in Belle and loved her here as well.

  2. A healthy line-up of movies, there. Lots of good stuff. Glad you liked Beyond the Lights. I will say Commando is remarkable, though. Remarkably and craptacularly cheesy, that is.

    1. Beyond the Lights is a fantastic movie! Commando is so cheesy!

  3. The Young Girls of Rochefort is so great! Love that you saw that. The rise of Gugu last year is EVERYTHING! Cannot wait to see where she goes from here.

    I really need to see Mad Max.

    1. Young Girls of Rochefort was very vibrant, its color palette and tone different from Umbrellas of Cherbourg. I think you're going to like Mad Max! I hope you get to see it soon!

  4. You saw a lot of interesting films this month. I think I need to go see Mad Max. Everyone is saying such great things.

    1. I wasn't sure if I was going to watch Mad Max as well but glad I did. I almost missed it too, had a hard time looking for a cinema who's still showing it at convenient times.

  5. Glad you liked Fury Road...it deserves a standing ovation! I'm surprised with Age of Adaline...I kind of secretly wanted to see it, but never got the chance o.O