07/15 & 08/15: Who's your friend who likes to play? Bing Bong, Bing Bong

Hello! How did your August turn out to be? I spent half the month re-installing things as my laptop of x years officially broke down and had to acquire a new one. I've also tried to arrange a blogging schedule as I've missed writing during the month when I went on break, so hopefully things would go back on track, at least on the blogging front. Since I didn't have a monthly recap for last month, I've combined both months so this might be a tad bit lengthly. *takes a deep breath* Here we go:

American Beauty | Ant-Man | Beowulf | Cleo From 5 to 7 | Dark Places | From Me To You | Hot Pursuit | Inside Out | Jenny's Wedding | Kiki's Delivery Service | Lascars | Liar Game: Reborn | Mad Max | Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior | Magic Mike XXL | Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation | Princess Mononoke | Say "I Love You" | Solomon's Perjury 1: Suspicion | Song of the Sea | Strobe Edge | The Hunt | The Secret World of Arrietty | The Voices | Trainwreck | Wild Tales | Z for Zachariah

American Beauty - It was very good. No wonder the iconic scenes were so iconic. There were parts of the story that I didn't expect to happen, or was expecting something else. Kevin Spacey was good in his role, and he stole the entire film from his co-stars. 

Ant-Man - After getting a bit disappointed with Avengers 2, I was happy that Ant-Man was worth the wait. I was wary about it at irst, but Paul Rudd was good in the role. Corey Stoll doesn't do much as a villain (villains have been Marvel's weak point), and the action sequences were just enough to be entertaining but not repetitive.

Beowulf - Great animation, awful retelling of the story. 

Cleo from 5 to 7 - It's a conversation-driven film, with long pauses to indicate the transition of Cleo from one scene to the next. It just observed her movements, knowing that she was waiting for some important news. There's no life-changing moment, which is the beauty of the film because grand moments don't usually just happen in a snap. 

Dark Places - I haven't read Sharp Objects so I can't compare, but Gone Girl was a superior novel, and a superior film. The adaptation wasn't horrible, but it didn't have the intensity and suspense that a mystery story usually had. 

From Me to You - This is a live-action adaptation of an anime I've seen years ago. It kept to the story, but I prefer the previous medium. 

Hot Pursuit - I don't know whose character was worst, Reese Witherspoon's uptight and boring cop, or Sofia Vergara's 'dumb' trophy-type wife witness. It tried to be funny, but it really wasn't. These women are good at comedies, and I would have liked to see them get better material to work with. They looked like they worked well onscreen, but the movie itself was not par for their talents. 

Jenny's Wedding - It was very predictable. Katherine Heigl wasn't shrill or annoying, so that's something.

Kiki's Delivery Service - It could have used more development in terms of Kiki's relationships with other characters, and more details on her magical background. I can't believe she was just thrusted to be independent without any background or guidance from her whole family.

Lascars - This was titled 'Round Da Way' when I watched it, but went with its released title because it's the one that appears in most of its sites. It's based from a French cartoon. It was quite all right; it starts a bit slow (building up the movie's premise part of it), but it ends up being funny.

Liar Game: Reborn - I enjoyed the television series this spawned on, so I was looking forward for this. Hopefully this would be the last because it's a bit hard to appreciate the ingenuity of this if they keep on releasing movies. 

Mad Max - I have no idea how this spawned three more movies.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior - Ok, this was much better. The fourth movie strongly reflected this installment.

Magic Mike XXL - Purely for the objectification of the male form. Needless to say its predecessor carried more content.

Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation - This was entertaining and clever. I loved the cast, especially Rebecca Ferguson! I also liked that Simon Pegg had more to do here instead of his usual behind the scenes work. Some parts were predictable, but the final product was still so good. 

Say "I Love You" - Another live action adaptation of an anime. It was all right; the actors were awkward but looked cute together. It had side characters that had subplots of their own, but they weren't interjected much. The story was a bit all over, even if it did focus on the relationship between the two characters. 

Song of the Sea - Such a beautiful film. I've always liked stories about selkies, and this one boasted great animation work. 

Strobe Edge - As romantic comedies go, this was predictable. Everyone was so straightforward with their feelings here though.

The Hunt - People are the worst! Although if that were in real life, their treatment of him would most likely be accurate. Society is never forgiving for crimes that challenges our morality. 

The Secret World of Arrietty - It reminded me of Thumbelina. I would have liked to see what happened to Arrietty and her family afterwards. 

The Voices - It's different from the usual Ryan Reynolds fare. I still can't stand him, but this was a good film. 

Trainwreck - I wanted to see what was up with Amy Schumer and why everyone liked her so much. I still don't get it. Maybe I don't identify with her brand of humor? I didn't find her funny, and I was hoping to like this one considering the praise it was getting. It was a so-so kind of movie. Liked LeBron James here though.

Wild Tales - Despite the opening story reminding me of a recent airline tragedy, the dark comedy lover in me relished the whole film. It's insane and crazy, but clever and funny.  The last story was definitely the icing on the cake.

Z for Zachariah - Went a familiar route towards the end, but the cast was certainly able to carry this movie with just the three of them exchanging conversation throughout its run.

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  1. I LOVE American Beauty, it's my all time favorite film. I liked Dark Places, it was adapted very well, IMO. You should read Sharp Objects. It's a good book, and a very quick read.

    1. I'll try to read Sharp Objects by this year - my to-read list is quite long, and I already have a few books on queue!

  2. I just finished reading Dark Places.

    And I just gifted two Bing Bongs to a niece and nephew celebrating birthdays - and they actually smell like cotton candy!

    1. I haven't seen Inside Out merchandise yet, but the Bing Bong toys seem awesome for kids!

  3. The Hunt made me so mad with human race :/ especially what was done to the dog, my God :/

    1. Why did they have to kill the dog?! People are awful in that movie.

  4. Excellent post!!! I saw American Beauty for the first time when I was in high school, and it completely changed my perception of my childhood. It's such a timeless, modern classic! Glad you got the opportunity to see it!!