10/15: Here's Johnny!

This month probably has the worst movies I have seen this year. I picked up one awful movie after another. There were a few gems though, and a highly recommended film but otherwise most fell flat. Despite it being a horror themed month, I have mostly avoided the genre's movies save for my blind spot pick. This was a good reading month though, having reached my reading goals of the year. The start of November means one more month until I go on a trip! It's only for a week but I am very excited. Autumn has always been pretty in colder climates, so hopefully I get a chance to catch the changing of the leaves. How was your October?

A Life Less Ordinary | Assassination Classroom | Close Range Love | Fish Story | How Stella Got Her Groove Back | I'll See You in My Dreams | Judge! | Knock Knock | Land of the Lost | Love Songs | Mortdecai | Princess Jellyfish | Results | Ricki and the Flash | The Final Girls | The Shining

A Life Less Ordinary - I think the direction was a key point in trying to save this movie, but the story was horrible, thus rendering it directionless.

Assassination Classroom - The premise is a bit out there, but it's a fun watch. 

Close Range Love - In what universe does the plot of this movie work as a romantic comedy? Most of the student-teacher relationship plots I've read always appear in dramas. This was just weird and awkward.

Fish Story - A story about how a song can change the world. It does tie up the ends nicely through segments on how the song influenced the lives of some people.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back - I would have liked this better if the movie was shorter. It was way too long for the story.

I'll See You in My Dreams - Blythe Danner and the story kind of reminded me of my grandmother.

Judge! - I never knew the world of advertising would be so cutthroat. Not that this movie appeared to be intense, it was quite silly. 

Land of the Lost - This was horrible. 

Love Songs - This was compared to the musicals of Jacques Demy, and was mentioned as a tribute to the director. This was alright; there were a lot of emotions the characters were experiencing. 

Mortdecai - This wasn't as bad as I expected. Very silly though.

Princess Jellyfish - It's a good film about finding confidence in yourself. 

Results - This made me feel like going on a run and working out.

Ricki and the Flash - This was highly predictable. I wanted to like because it seems like a light drama that would be enjoyable to watch, but I was wrong. 

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  1. I haven't seen any of these, but I read your Knock Knock review, it's a shame that movie failed so hard. I wish it would've been better because I like Roth so much and I feel bad for what happened with The Green Inferno.

    1. The movie was awful. I thought it would have at least been fun to watch, but it wasn't.

  2. Thanks for the link! You've got a lot covered...I need to catchup! I need to read your review of Final Girls...a friend of mine was actually in that!