Happy Holidays!

I meant to put a much happier greeting. This holiday season has been pretty busy, with all the parties and preparations for Christmas. Unfortunately for me, I have lost access to my personal laptop, thus the sneaky usage of my mom's computer (also why there is a lack of blog movement lately). Hopefully it'll be fixed by the time New Year rolls in. With that, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Trailer: The Great Gatsby

The holiday season has been pretty busy (especially for the days to come). TV has still gotten the better of me, but I think I've been having sort of a good movie run lately. More of that to come (hopefully). For now enjoy the trailer! Can't wait to see the movie, although I haven't read the book. 

Pitch Perfect

Cast: Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp
Director: Jason Moore

To tell you the truth, I'm not a fan of musicals. The only musical movie I've watched willingly was Moulin Rouge, and I loved this. Pitch Perfect felt like a rendition of Glee on screen, but I found this enjoyable (while I avoid the former like the plague. Sorry, just really not for me). I never knew Anna Kendrick could sing until I read up on her and saw that she's a Tony nominee. She should get more theater jobs, especially if she's good at them. Anyway, this movie has good sounds, and the plot is an underdog favorite. Despite not being a fan of musicals, I find myself putting this on my go-to list on movies I'd enjoy on a relaxing day.

Welcome to the Rileys

Cast: James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart, Melissa Leo
Director: Jake Scott

Oh look, it's Kristen Stewart's stripper movie! Before her Twilight fame, she was already circulating in the indie scene, and I must say, her choice of films work for her. While Welcome to the Rileys does not triumph over Adventureland, her performance in the film is good, although she wasn't given as much material to work with. Seriously, she should get back to the indie scene. 

Rise of the Guardians

Cast: Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman
Director: Peter Ramsey

If I were a child, I would be mesmerized by all this. If these characters are as cool as they make it on screen, it would be awesome. I'm no longer a child yet I am still mesmerized by all this. Ditto my second statement. Rise of the Guardians has been one of the funnest animated features I have seen this year. It combines craft, a good set of (minor) characters and the charm that just gets you throughout the entire film. It may be a kid's flick but trust me, if you're looking for a fun watch, this would be it.

November in Film

November and I did not work, film-wise. Instead I got sucked into the worlds of Mad Men, 2 Broke Girls and Drop Dead Diva (Castle and Veep would probably be next). I'm still finishing up the first season of Mad Men (January Jones will always be Betty Draper forever--I saw new season spoilers so I wondered what happened to her) while I'm on the second season of Drop Dead Diva. TV is getting the better of me. 

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