Thursday, February 23

Wuthering Heights

When it comes to classic literature, I live under a rock. I did not know what Wuthering Heights was about. I knew it had characters named Cathy and Heathcliff but beyond that, nothing. Andrea Arnold's adaptation was my first foray into this piece of literature - and I wasn't sure if this was the piece that I should have started with. Wuthering Heights tells the story of two people, and how their love bloomed in the wrong time.

Monday, February 20

The Edge of Seventeen

The Edge of Seventeen is a teen movie I didn’t know I needed. It was funny and relatable. There are certain things here that I positively and negatively feel strongly about. This post would contain spoilers because I nitpicked on my problem with this film.

Thursday, February 16

Thursday Movie Picks: Shakespeare Adaptations

Thursday Movie Picks is hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. Visit her website for this year’s themes and join in! This week is all about Shakespeare adaptations. When I was looking for movies for this week, I realized that I haven’t seen a lot of adaptations or have already used the movies in a different week. Since I didn’t want to repeat movies, my last pick is a movie that I want to watch. Here are my picks for this week.

Wednesday, February 15

Trailer: Everything, Everything

I read Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon two years ago and loved it, so I'm stoked for the movie adaptation. While this trailer gives a really big chunk of the movie away, I just hope that this would be good. Saying that this was brought by those who brought 'Me Before You' and 'If I Stay' doesn't give me confidence about this project, but then again Amandla Stenberg! This also looks more like Nick Robinson's alley; I just hope he doesn't give a performance similar to Jurassic World. 

Monday, February 13

Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain was released when I was in high school, and a memory that I closely associate with it is my friend’s obsession with Jake Gyllenhaal after this film. Brokeback Mountain also caused a lot of controversy during its release, with its culmination losing the Best Picture race after being a strong frontrunner during the Oscar season. This film tells the harrowing tale between two people who developed feelings for each other over the course of summer, and the lives the led afterwards.

Thursday, February 9

Thursday Movie Picks: Prodigy/Genius

Thursday Movie Picks is hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. This week is all about prodigies and geniuses. I think I might have a hard time with the themes this year as my choices (like the others) are limited and I didn’t want to repeat movies. Here are my picks this week.