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Ruby Red

Ruby Red is the first book in the fantasy series written by Kirsten Gier, and are translated from German. This is about a teenage girl who finds out that she has the ability to travel through time, and the secrets and conspiracies that lie behind her ability. There are three books in the series, making for three movie adaptations released two years apart. I have read the books but don't remember much aside from the main points. The books are made for binge reading though.
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Strike: The Silkworm (Part 1)

Strike is a British crime series adapted from novels by Robert Galbraith, who is also known as JK Rowling. It stars Tom Burke as Cormoran Strike, and Holliday Grainger as Robin Ellacott, the two leads of the series. The Silkworm is the second novel of the series, and is about a missing writer and a controversial manuscript that he wrote. spoilers ahead

Blade Runner 2049

It can be said that the sequel to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner is one of the most anticipated films of the year. It is impossible to escape the excitement of it; from the stunning images that peppered articles discussing the film, to interviews and sightings done by the film's star powers, and the trailer to boast it all. The addition of it being helmed by Denis Villeneuve gives the film a certain expectation, as not only is the original considered a classic, but Villeneuve has been churning amazing films. I watched this knowing nothing about the sequel, and with no expectations. I was very surprised, not because it was an incredible film, but because I was already anticipating another viewing even before I finished the film. *spoilers ahead*

What I Love About Disney's Beauty & the Beast (1991)

I watched the special edition of Beauty & the Beast two months ago, and loved it. It is one of Disney's best movies, and one of my favorites. While the live adaptation of Beauty & the Beast is one of the hyped up movies this year, I think the animated version is still the superior Disney movie. I'm not here to tell you why but I will share the six things I love about Beauty and the Beast.


Passengers was 2016's space movie, and was on top of my watch list, but the buzz wasn't favorable so my interest waned. I wanted to give it a chance, and since I didn't read any review or criticism about this, I didn't know what to expect. In general, it isn't as bad as the buzz made it sound. It had good factors and bad ones, but this was a mediocre outing from Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. *contains spoilers*