52 Films by Women: A Summary

I attempted to watch 52 films directed by women last year in support of the movement and of the filmmakers in the industry. While I didn't get to accomplish the goal, it did make me a lot mindful of the films I watched, and have discovered some filmmakers whose works I have yet to see. Because of the challenge I did end up watching more female-directed work compared to any other year. Being mindful meant getting to watch gems, films I have been putting off for time and ended up loving them. I did also have a lot of misses, but nothing is ever perfect. 

This is part 1 of a two-part post: the first part being a general wrap up of the films I watched; the second part would be about filmmakers and certain films that I want to cross out of my watchlist this year.

Mt Rushmore of Movies Blogathon

This is hosted by Two Dollar Cinema, and in his words: To participate, simply choose the top four of anything cinematic and explain why they should be carved into the side of a mountain forever. Remember, these are real people carved into imaginary rock - so choose wisely!

I wrote about romantic comedy leads two years ago, but this year I decided to go with musical talent in movies. This can either be a solo performer or a band that performs a catchy or memorable song in their film. A lot of films could have been contenders, but most of my picks are of the recent past, and they made my mountain because of the songs performed.

Blind Spot Series 2019

One of the challenges I failed at last year was keeping up with my blind spot series list. I think I had abandoned it halfway through the year; I had abandoned a lot halfway through last year. But I am ready to try again, and I'm hoping to get to watch at least half of the list. I do have some sort of guide as to what I wanted to put on my list, so here's to hoping I end up liking most if not all of these films!

Updates + Favorite Books Read in 2018

I think by now I've declared it on my social media accounts, but just in case: Big Screen, Small Words is unofficially on break. I still review movies over at my Letterboxd account - the no frills format appeals to me nowadays considering I don't go online as often as before. I am going to try to keep this page updated but as of now it is going to be filled with more lists and less of reviews. 

One of the lists I try to write every year is my best books list. While I didn't do a whole list last year, I thought I would do one this year considering it's one of my non-film topics that I'm trying to be consistent with. While I didn't hit my reading goal this year, I did enjoy quite a lot of what I read, and instead of writing about every book I loved, I've broken down my honorable mentions into categories, saving my top/favorite books of the year at the end of the post.

Thursday Movie Picks: 2019 Movies You're Looking Forward To

I don’t go to the cinema anymore during the last days of December, so in terms of theatrical release I am done. Which means it’s time to start another watch list for the upcoming year, from looking at the commercial offerings down to festival darlings that will be making waves in the next year. For this week’s theme I am going with children’s movies that adults would also watch and enjoy.