TV Shows I Watched Recently

One of the things that I picked up late during quarantine was journaling, particularly a creative-type journal. I’ve always been an analog type person when it comes to keeping my thoughts, making lists, and so on, but it was this time that I did some creative writing. One of things I started to keep track of was the new-to-me tv shows I watched per month. I do not watch a lot of new shows as much as I’d like, but there were some that I finally got to or tried out. Here’s what I watched in the recent weeks.

Thursday Movie Picks: Book to TV Adaptations

This week’s theme is about books adapted to television shows. I still have quite a bit of this on my watch list, with my priority being Little Fires Everywhere and Normal People, as I’ve read the books in the recent past. Below are my choices for this week.

Thursday Movie Picks: Period Dramas

Period dramas are not my thing. It's just not the kind of film I gravitate towards to when I have choices in films. However, that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy them when I do end up watching them. Here are my choices for this week's theme.

Update: Books, Movies, TV Shows

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy. I've been tuning in on corona virus news for weeks, and I don't want to bring that anxious feeling to my post so I'm leaving it at that. The last couple of months have been a hodgepodge of days and in those days I read and watched whatever I could to keep myself preoccupied. This is a wrap-up of all of them.

Thursday Movie Picks: Competitive Reality TV Shows

Every last Thursday of the month is dedicated to television shows, with this week being all about competitive reality tv shows. I don’t watch that much reality tv, but the ones I do watch, I try to keep up with. Here are my choices for the week.