Updates + Favorite Books Read in 2018

I think by now I've declared it on my social media accounts, but just in case: Big Screen, Small Words is unofficially on break. I still review movies over at my Letterboxd account - the no frills format appeals to me nowadays considering I don't go online as often as before. I am going to try to keep this page updated but as of now it is going to be filled with more lists and less of reviews. 

One of the lists I try to write every year is my best books list. While I didn't do a whole list last year, I thought I would do one this year considering it's one of my non-film topics that I'm trying to be consistent with. While I didn't hit my reading goal this year, I did enjoy quite a lot of what I read, and instead of writing about every book I loved, I've broken down my honorable mentions into categories, saving my top/favorite books of the year at the end of the post.

Thursday Movie Picks: 2019 Movies You're Looking Forward To

I don’t go to the cinema anymore during the last days of December, so in terms of theatrical release I am done. Which means it’s time to start another watch list for the upcoming year, from looking at the commercial offerings down to festival darlings that will be making waves in the next year. For this week’s theme I am going with children’s movies that adults would also watch and enjoy. 

Double Feature: To All the Boys I've Loved Before / Our Times

(in participation to Girl Week hosted by Dell on Movies)

I have been on a romance movie kick since the summer, and these were the two movies that started it all. Both movies have a similar vibe: cute teen romance and chemistry between the two leads that lead to their rise in stardom. Both movies also became popular in their respective countries, and as a plus, were written and directed by women.

Thursday Movie Picks: Museum

One of the places I like to visit nowadays are museums. Be it about classical, contemporary, or modern art, museums are a place to absorb culture and to broaden one's horizon when it comes to visual arts. While I have yet to fully appreciate the more finer things about museums, here are some movies that partly takes place inside a museum.

Backlist Titles on my TBR

One of the things I worked on this year was organizing my book collection. That just meant putting books into categories, sorting out the ones I've read and want to read, and donating those that I no longer have interest in reading. Because of this, my unread bookshelves are overflowing, which meant I got some reading to do.