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I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy. I've been tuning in on corona virus news for weeks, and I don't want to bring that anxious feeling to my post so I'm leaving it at that. The last couple of months have been a hodgepodge of days and in those days I read and watched whatever I could to keep myself preoccupied. This is a wrap-up of all of them.


The month of April saw a spike in my reading. I did participate in the Magical Readathon, which was fun but stressful if you're a mood reader like me. I had to push myself to read during the last couple of days. My book choices deviated a bit from my set to-be-read list, but I did end up completing all the prompts. I'm terrified for the NEWTs portion of the readathon; that reading list is going to be daunting. The reading spike carried over to May, when I finally read Little Fires Everywhere and Normal People. Both novels were phenomenal, and if it wasn't the desire to watch the tv adaptations, I wouldn't have gotten around to reading both. Spoiler alert: I have not watched either one yet.

Television Shows

One of the first shows I watched while in quarantine was Umbrella Academy, and I cannot wait for the next season. I was in the mood for aesthetic shows at the time, so I binged Tiny House Living, Interior Design Masters, and Next in Fashion. I spent most of my time re-watching old sitcoms, and have only seen two new-to-me shows since then: Never Have I Ever, and Better Things. I'm currently on a break from watching Better Things because I can't stand the children. They're horrible human beings. There are episodes that are really good, but the children are getting on my nerve. Never Have I Ever was such a delight - I ended up watching the whole season in a day, and I am hoping this is renewed. Right now I'm catching up with Masterchef Australia, and while the show is still pretty good even without the original judges, some of the episodes are way too long for my liking. Twists Week was probably the week I liked least.


I haven't had the best luck in picking movies for the past weeks. Most of the ones that are new to me range from two to three stars. I did watch a bit of 2020 releases, and am still looking forward for other films that are going straight on VOD. The new releases I watched include Stargirl, Trolls World Tour, Like a Boss, The Willoughbys, Emma., My Spy, How to Build a Girl, Scoob!, The Wrong Missy, and The Lovebirds. The Lovebirds was my favorite from the list. Scoob! was disappointing; I was looking forward for it because of my love of the cartoon.

I'm going to try my best to get back into writing. It's something I haven't been doing for quite some time, both online and offline. I would like to say to expect more content in the future weeks, but right now it's a bit one day at a time in my end. I hope you're all safe, wherever you are!

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