About the Blog

Big Screen Small Words is my personal space dedicated to...well, movies and TV shows. It mainly comprises of reviews (mostly past releases), some trailers for upcoming movies, lists, and blogathon entries. I also write about books at times. My love for films started at a young age, but it wasn't when I went to university that my horizons were widened. I'm a small fish still swimming through swarms of must-watch films (both classics and contemporary), and I'm enjoying every bit of it. This blog is always (and forever will be) a work of progress.

Edit: Hi again. Due to Photobucket no longer including hosting in a third party site in their free package, most of the pictures used are replaced with the error photo. Apologies in advance as I will have to sort them out, and I wouldn't know how long it will take me.

Where to find me:
twitter: @BigScreenSmallW
e-mail: whirlwind(dot)supernova(@)gmail(dot)com