Break: Some Books I've Read

I went on a movie-free binge for at least a week and spent most of my free time reading. In a few days I read a stack of books that would at least take me a month or two (or three if I'm feeling lazy) to finish. Since it's a bit of a breather to not be watching anything at the moment (at least that week), here are some of the books I've removed from my to-read list.

Double Feature: Knock Knock / The Final Girls

Since it's a month for spooky movies, I'll be reviewing two horror flicks released this year - Knock Knock and The Final Girls. Let's just say one of them is campy fun, the other is horribly dull.

Blind Spot: The Shining

Horror flicks are not my forte, they never were and they never will be. However, October's always been the spooky month, so why watch a scary film that I've been putting off because of its genre? The Shining is one of the most talked about horror films in the century. There are so many iconic scenes in this that it's impossible to go in blind. Despite knowing a thing or two about it, it still managed to scare me - The Shining is wickedly good.

Trailer: Hail, Ceasar

The slight lull here will continue in the coming week as I have found that a crime-centered series that I've rigorously read this year had a sixth book released last year - I missed it so I will be stuck to my device flipping through the pages before I resurface to watch another movie. Meanwhile, here is the trailer for the new Coen Brothers film. It looks fun, and it has quite the cast, certainly can't wait for this one. I haven't started compiling my 2016 watch list yet, but this certainly makes the cut! 

09/15: I'll continue to climb, trying to reach the top, but no one knows where the top is.

Can you believe September is over? This month flew by so fast that I'm having trouble remembering what happened during most of the month. My 2015 movie count is finally going up; I really skipped out on a lot of movies the past few months and only getting to catch up now. Fall season has started, which means a lot of new shows to tune into, and some few old ones to follow. Some of the shows that have been on my watch list are already starting new seasons and I still haven't caught up with the previous ones. Outside of blogging, I've been catching up on my reading and rearranging my shelves, digging out a few books that I would like to read before the end of the year. How was your month?