Cast: Miley Cyrus, Douglas Booth, Ashley Greene
Director: Lisa Azuelos

I have a mindset that if Miley Cyrus is in a film, it's bound to be bad. This is one of them. Again, she showcases herself as another angst ridden teen, in her monotonic talking voice, always having that apathetic expressions. Her acting is evident when she shows other emotions because it looks like her character is acting. Seriously. I don't get why child actresses are always clamoring to play that angst girl. Every angst ridden role is annoying. Including this one. Instead of watching The Dark Knight Rises like everybody else, I am stuck watching films like these.

Miley Cyrus stars as the titular character, who gets her heart broken at the start then finds love right on the next scene. This film only got longer because of Demi Moore's story with the detective/cop. It is legitly that. The movie is simply The Perfect Man + a 'raunchy' diary rolled into one, except that this is horrible. I researched on the director and turns out, she also did the French version of this film, which I think was great because of its ratings compared to this one. This film is like trash waiting to happen. Seriously, the film is over before we know it. Since it needs to be a movie, they just prolong it with unnecessary banter.

Dear Demi Moore. WHY? I think you could have made better films. Scratch that. You can make better film choices than this. You should have not agreed to do this movie. At all. Same goes for Ashley Greene, with all her Twilight fame, I think she should be leveling up her act, not bringing it down with films like this. Even the Paris shots could not bring this film up. Simply cannot. After the first 30 minutes, the film was clearly over. There wasn't even a serious conflict at all. Despite shooting in aesthetically pleasing locations, this movie is clearly a bust. Shallow film, shallow script. I just ended up skimming through the film, it's not worth the hour and a half watch.


  1. How did you even get through it? I stopped watching after the bathroom scene in the beginning which I found so insulting and disturbing that nothing would have made me watch further!

    1. I was waiting for that part in the synopsis when the mom finds her diary (since the synopsis made it look like that was the root of the movie) but that part only played a minuscule role in the entire thing. It's really not worth the time.