Cast: Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson
Director: Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, Steve Purcell

One of the methods to which I determine whether I see a movie or not is the online rave about the said movie. Brave was a movie that got positive feedback, and a bit of raving from the online world. Not knowing much about the premise of Brave, and skipping out most of the reviews about it, I had almost no preliminary expectations. It's a Pixar film, and it's the first that Pixar released it's female lead. One thing I liked about this movie: her flaming red hair. It's just there, and how it's different from the usual wavy/straight hair characters. Her hair was wild and fiery red. I love it.

Brave tells a story of a girl named Merida, who was more of a free-spirited adventurer rather than a prim and proper princess her mother expects. The day arrives when she is expected to choose from the suitors presented to her by the allies of her father, and she was against the entire idea; she wanted her freedom. She encounters a witch who provides her with a spell to help solve her dilemma. However, it wasn't exactly as what she hoped for, and only has until the next sunrise to fix what she has done.

In my opinion, Pixar tried to deliver a heartwarming tale about family. It's all there, and I think it makes a good film for children and parents alike. Sometimes, parents simply cannot force their children certain beliefs, especially when times are changing. Children, on the other hand, should also understand why their parents are insisting on such matters, and both parties should try to compromise. However, I was slightly disappointed with the film, as I expected it to be adventurous (despite not having prior expectations). It's no Toy Story 3, or Wall-E but I guess I was expecting the film to be more...grand, for a lack of a better word.

I did like the animation, and how almost all characters were keeping their Scottish accents; it made the film have authenticity. My favorite characters were the triplets, they are cunningly adorable. The movie did have its flaws and although the animation and the story were good, it just didn't hit it for me. Brave may be a great movie for some, but I think I'll settle to waiting for the next Pixar film to come, or to go catch up on their previous films. 

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