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Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson,
Director: Ruben Fleischer

This might be the only movie about zombies I will ever watch. Zombies creep me out, especially when they start eating people. Finally mustered up the guts (I made sure I wasn't eating when watching this) to watch this film, considering that it's been in my film library since forever. It does make an entertaining film about trying to go cross-country to LA while fighting a ward of zombies that cross their paths. Right now I feel that I've been watching every Jesse Eisenberg film made...with the exception of The Social Network. I have no idea why but I have a tendency to shy away from Oscar films, with the exception of the recent Academy Awards film list. I still have one more film in my list, then I'm definitely tackling on The Social Network. Anyway, back to the world of zombies...

Zombieland is about four people, a student, a tough guy and two cunning sisters staying together to drive as far as the amusement park that the sisters were supposed to go to. The student and the tough guy wouldn't have to be with them...if not did the sisters take advantage of them, taking their weapons and their mode of transportation. I think for every scene with a zombie, I was grossed out with the eating parts. The rules Eisenberg's character set out do work. I like how it appears on screen. I also particularly like the opening credits, how the letters fly off when touched by the slow-mo zombie apocalypse.

My favorite part of the film was the Bill Murray appearance. It's so casual, he's just "Zombies don't go for other zombies". He does make a believable zombie, as Eisenberg immediately killed him off when he scared him. His place was untouched by zombies--it shows that when a person blends with them, they don't really care. So it's the physique, it's not the scent of humans that throws a zombie to attack mode. That and weird un-zombie-like activity.

This is a comedic take on the zombie apocalypse fad going on (I think this has died down, unlike vampires). It's entertaining, it keeps you edged on your seat and it's portrayed with a fun cast. While Woody Harrelson is not one of the big names in the business, he does portray his characters with a kind of pizzaz that not others can pull off. Imagine if this was a different tough guy, it would probably have a different take (and the performances of Eisenberg, Stone and Breslin would be weighed down). I never really watch films with friends, as we all have different taste in films but if I were to watch this again, I would definitely watch this with them. You get your doze of action, horror, comedy and romance (hello, damsel in distress) all in one sitting. It's a fun watch, entertaining and puts a spin on a horror flick. Take notice that most of the film was shot in daylight, or in a place that's awfully bright. In other words: this is a good horror flick for someone who's freaked out by zombies (me).