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Trailer: Smashed

I've heard good reviews about this film, thus making it on my list of movies to watch!

Win Win

Cast: Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan, Bobby Cannavale
Director: Tom McCarthy

An unexpected gem (for me, at least), Win Win is a comedy drama that manages to captivate the audience as the film goes by. The plot isn't as different as those similar to it (sports, angst-ridden teen who's actually really good at something, financial problems, etc) but what brought this film to stand on its own is the acting that was involved in making the film. Win Win is about a lawyer who also works as a wrestling coach to make ends meet; he is in a financial bind. His practice is not doing so good and he's getting stressed because of it, not to mention his family doesn't know about their financial standing. He saw his way out of a financial turmoil when he signed himself up as the legal guardian of his incapacitated client, earning him $1500 a month. What he didn't expect is that the missing family members would show up at his client's doorstep, first in the form of the client's gran…


Cast: Edward Burns, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Kerry Bishe
Director: Edward Burns

Though not a thought-provoking nor widely acclaimed, Newlyweds is still a film to watch. Set in New York, it tells a story about Buzzy, a gym trainer and Katie, a restaurant owner, who recently has gotten married. They were on their second marriage, and at the start of the film, they claim that their relationship set-up is a key to making their marriage work, something that Katie's sister Marsha attest to. Not only is Marsha's marriage putting a bit of a damp to the couple's relationship, but Buzzy's half-sister Linda moves in with them while trying to reconnect with a past lover.

Trailer: Seven Psychopaths

This looks insanely (to use the word loosely) funny. The trailer itself constitutes a few laughs, and Colin Farrell is making his name in the comedy genre. The entire movie revolves around three friends kidnapping a gangster's dog, with each character adding its own eccentricity to the film. I hope the comedy does not disappoint! Will definitely be putting this on my watch list.