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My Movie Alphabet

After the success of her own Movie Alphabet, Mettel Ray started her own blogathon because of it! I thought, why not try the task? It's a chance to get out of my writing rut and get my mind working. I suggest you go try it because it does challenge you. I have to say, I was left stumped with a couple of letters after filling in the ones I know. So without further ado, here's my movie alphabet! (blogathon guidelines here, Mettel Ray's Movie Alphabet here).

I was never much of a Zac Efron fan and I tend to shy away from his movies but this movie sold me on him. Especially in the scene when he gets out of the car.
Alternatives: 10 Things I Hate About You, 50/50, 21 Jump Street, 500 Days of Summer

I was left speechless after watching this movie. It was that great. I love the visuals and how the story progressed. It was Colin Firth in particular who surprised me. After seeing a couple of his films, this role seems out of place but he was phenomenal in this! 
Alternatives: Adventureland, About A Boy, Amelie, Anna Farris

I particularly like this film because I think she is the most relatable among rom-com leading ladies. I read the book and I have to say, this is one of those cases when the film is better than the book.
Alternatives: Broken English, Back to the Future, Brad Bird, Bill Murray

This film left me scarred for life about Africa’s conditions, not to mention the entire political dilemma Ralph Fiennes had to go through. My eyes were wide open when I finished the film. You know those films that you can never watch again? This would be one of them.
Alternatives: Colin Firth, Colin Farrell, City Island, Clueless

Two fantastic comedians in one film? SOLD! I love their chemistry together and I could watch this on repeat over and over again. It’s one of my go-to movies on a normal afternoon. Putting them together was a good idea.
Alternatives: Denzel Washington, (The) Devil’s Advocate, (The) Descendants

I feel that she is a talented yet underrated actress. She’s versatile and has been in many films acting different sorts of people. She might be known as the assistant in The Devil Wears Prada but I particularly liked her in Sunshine Cleaning (a film which also changed my perspective of Amy Adams). Another plus: she’s married to John Krasinski of The Office!
Alternatives: Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Easy A, Emily Mortimer, Edward Burns

This was another one of those movies that I didn't expect to enjoy. I wasn't exactly fond of stop animation but this was my favorite (and the one I turned to like the most). I also liked the visuals and how the characters are.
Alternative: Fantastic Four

I have the biggest crush on George Clooney mainly because he is charismatic. He seems to talk well and he seems to be the kind of person one would listen to. He's great at acting and has experience both living in the television and movie world. I think it's safe to say that his transition has been most gratifying. He's also starting to make a name for himself behind the camera. I do hope one day he wins an Oscar.
Alternative: (The) Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

It's actually Harry Potter in general but I chose the third movie because it's my favorite book. Fans may kill me for saying this but when people say that some movies can't justify the content of the book, this would have to be one of the cases for me. I grew up with the movies and the books so even if the chapters are already closed, it really has become a part of me. 
Alternatives: How to Train Your Dragon, (The) Hangover, Home Alone

I think if I watch this in public, people will wonder why the hell I'm smiling. This is a funny film! It's not the overly-dramatic, physical, snappish kind of funny but when in conversation, you could feel your lips curling up in a grin whenever one of them would say something. It's not a brainer either but it's how they are and the script they were given with is what made it funny. I feel like I'm not making sense because I'm finding it rather difficult to explain why it's funny. Just give it a watch and see.
Alternatives: Inception, Indiana Jones

He rose to fame because of X-Men First Class but I first saw him in Penelope. His character was cute there! Then I watched Wanted because of him. I didn't watch Atonement (even if he was there) because the story was sad. I don't want to drabble on but it's safe to say that if he's in a movie, I would watch it (definitely one of those people who watch because of a certain actor). While he doesn't make films that scream 'whoa!', he does make good films. He doesn't have any projects this year but he does have loads next year, so definitely keeping a watch for his stuff.
Alternatives: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jesse Eisenberg, Jake Gyllenhaal

I was thisclose to putting Kristen Stewart here because I liked her in Adventureland and I think she should stick to indie films but that's the extent of it. Thus, Keanu. He was at the peak of his career in the 90's but he just disappeared after that. He does have a ton of great and well-known films under his belt but he just disappeared at the latter half of the decade. The recent film of his I watched really showed his decline in the industry. I do hope he reinvents himself and that he's still able to pick up quality films like he has the past years.
Alternatives: Kristen Stewart, Kate Beckingsale, Kung Fu Panda

I raved about this film right after I watched it. I keep on telling people to go see this film because it's romantic yet sad at the same time. 
Alternatives: Love Actually, Lars and the Real Girl, Little Miss Sunshine, Love Me If You Dare, (The) Lord of the Rings trilogy

The film that skyrocketed the careers of Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan post-present her. I've actually seen the movie's script lived in real life; it may be one of the most quoted flicks ever. 
Alternatives: Marion Cottilard, Michelle Williams, MI: Ghost Protocol, Men in Black, Mark Ruffalo, Mark Walhberg

Natalie Portman is one of my all-time favorite actresses. She has been in the business ever since she was 9. Although she dabbles on different movie genres, her best feat has always been drama and I don't think I could see her in anything else but that. For someone who has been in the business so long, it's a surprise that she has kept most of her life private. Now that she's found her role in The Black Swan, there can only be greater things ahead of her. 
Alternative: Nicole Kidman

The movie that launched George Clooney into becoming my biggest celebrity crush! I like how clever the heist was planned out. Although this was a remake, I think it did a good job. Another one of my go-to films.
Alternative: Our Idiot Brother

His name immediately popped in my head because of the Lord of the Rings franchise. Now that the Hobbit's done filming, I can't wait to see his latest installment about Middle Earth!
Alternative: Paul Rudd

Q is a tough letter to think about (thank god for Skyfall!). This was my first Daniel Craig as Bond film that I watched but I think I prefer Casino Royale over this. I have yet to see Skyfall so I hope it doesn't disappoint!
Alternative: Couldn't think of any!

I don't know why but I seem to enjoy this movie more and more. I really wished this was a book. I would read that book and it would become my favorite. They were all troubled in some way but they were all brought together because of Royal's lie (due to the threat of marriage of his wife). This was the first Wes Anderson film I've watched and it's become my favorite.
Alternatives: Rachel Weisz, Ralph Fiennes, Richard Gere, Reese Witherspoon

Watching some of his films makes me wish that I hadn't seen him in Charlie's Angels first. It wasn't one of his best works. Another underrated actor, in my opinion. He's good in his craft, and he's one of the reasons why I can't wait to see Seven Psychopaths!
Alternatives: Steve Carrell, Sam Worthington, Submarine, Spanglish, Speed, Stanley Tucci

I never expected that I would like Thor. I don't even know who Thor is! But then I watched it and...I liked it! Now it's one of my favorite superhero movies of all time and I can't wait for the next installment. I guess this was more of a hit or miss, and thankfully, it was a hit. This skyrocketed the career of Chris Hemsworth...I just hope he'd take more roles that are less...Thor-like.
Alternatives: Titanic, Tina Fey

Another difficult letter! This wasn't one of Brittany Murphy or Dakota Fanning's best films but it's nice to watch when you're feeling down or during a rainy day. 
Alternative: Couldn't think of any!

It was either him or Viggo Mortesen. I would have placed Mortisen here definitely but I've only seen him in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and A Dangerous Method. He is an amazing and versatile actor but I have yet to see more of his films. So Vin Diesel. He's limited to the action genre (and I've watched some of his action movies because they're usually on TV and everyone in my family loves action flicks) but I also liked him in The Pacifier. 
Alternative: Viggo Mortesen

He is my favorite director as of the moment because I like how he makes his characters and I like his films' cinematography. When watching a movie, you immediately can tell if it's a Wes Anderson flick. There's a specific touch to it. Really looking forward for more of his work.
Alternatives: What Women Want, White Chicks, Will Smith

There is really nothing else to put but this. I like how this was all put together to string history between Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto. A must watch for a X-Men fan.
Alternatives: Couldn't think of any!

I first caught this on TV and based on what I've caught, it looks nice. So when it had another rerun, I watched it and I thought, why haven't I seen this before? Emily Blunt was great, and although not one of her best work, the story was one of the sweetest tales to be shown on television. 
Alternatives: Couldn't think of any!

I had no doubt I would put this here. This is a fun movie about zombies, particularly the rules of survival. I couldn't imagine anyone else portraying the roles Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin and Woody Harrelson had. Kudos to Bill Murray's cameo, it was genius!
Alternative: Zoolander


  1. OMG! I love it! If not, it's better than mine which makes me happy because I gave inspiration for this. Woah. Just.. instantly love you now ! ;)

    1. Thanks! It was difficult but fun to do! Hope you host another blogathon soon! :)

  2. Awesome choices and beautiful design! Potter and Clooney are in my alphabet too, glad to see Rockwell here, he is such a great actor.

  3. Date Night is awesome and I agree with you on Emily Blunt, she is such a great actress. Currently writing my ABC's and I've picked a Clooney movie because he's a great actor. Also love Portman, her performance in Black Swan alone is enough, but there are some great others. Skyfall is awesome, so I don't think you'll be disappointed. Cool to see Vin Diesel mentioned. There are some similarities in choices.

    1. I did like Skyfall, I think it's my favorite Bond movie yet!

  4. Great choices and a gorgeous post. We have many of the same favorites, including A Single Man, The Constant Gardener, In Bruges, and Zombieland.


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