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New Year, New Ways

Happy New Year, everyone! This is a late greeting and question but how did you spend your holidays? I spent mine attending family and office events, going on trips and even a bit of time in the emergency room (nothing too serious). 2012 saw the birth of (after changing it so much) The Film Sloth. At first I used to keep all things film back in my personal blog but after seeing that my personal blog has branched into more film-and-travel oriented, I decided to keep my film blog separately. There has been changes, relapses and a bit of stagnant motion. I was in a long writing rut, but I'm starting to ease out of it. Which now leads to...
I haven't been consistent when it comes to content management on this site, so being consistent is my first goal. I've neglected my quick links for a long time so I think it's time to re-evaluate my blog and see what direction I should take it to. However, I don't want to be consistent for the sake of being consistent, which leads to goal number two! For the past months I've been toying around with establishing a ranking system for my reviews and I think it's time to actually have one. I think having a ranking system somewhat sums up the point I'm trying to derive. Lastly, is to dive into more unseen flicks and watch! I've been watching a ton of films over and over lately (particularly Lord of the Rings - it's always on television!) so my goal is to have less re-watch and more new ones. 2013 is looking to be another good film year, so hopefully my goals push through. Lastly...

An award! Mettel Ray has kindly nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. All I can say is thank you. It took me by surprise, and to be nominated by one of the most inspiring bloggers out there is Again, thank you.

Here are the rules:
- I have to display the award’s logo on my blog.
- I have to link back to the person who nominated me.
- I have to list seven things about myself.

1. I have an 'author-syndrome'. It's when I read a good book by a specific author then I go and find all their other works.
2. I (somewhat) memorize the lines in an episode of Friends and the movie Parent Trap (Lindsey Lohan version).
3. I like the color yellow, but I don't like yellow clothing.
4. I'm afraid of heights and yet I ride cable cars.
5. A movie that I could never watch the second time is 'Crazy Stupid Love'. And 'Like Mike'.
6. White cheddar is my favorite popcorn flavor (aside from butter).
7.  I am not a beach person. Never liked sand on my feet. 
- I must nominate some other bloggers, link to them, and then let them know that I have done so


  1. Thanks for the kind words and I hope to see you a lot more this year! Keep up with the ranking system thing, trust me, I changed mine about 4 to 5 times last year and finally settled with one I actually love so sometimes it takes time. :)

  2. Thanks so much! I know a lot of lines in Friends by heart too, I think I never watched any other show more often than this one ^^

  3. Thank you kindly! I'm not a beach person either - which I suppose is weird because I live in NZ where there are beaches all around, haha. Sand is majorly annoying.

  4. Thanks again! My work is done and, surprise, since I received two different blog awards in quick succession, I've merged the results and am passing one of them back to you. Congrats! You get to come up with seven more facts!

    Here's the link:

    PS: I think I have the bulk of Parent Trap down too...


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