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Oh, Friends

As a kid I grew up watching this sitcom (thanks teenage influence) and it has become one of my favorite shows of all time. The cast has chemistry, and no matter what crazy plot twist the writers throw in, it just makes for great episodes. I think given the time, I could marathon the entire series! For each season I've always had my favorite episodes, and since it's going to be gruesome putting all of those (in post or writing), I chose one episode from each season. These are some of my season go-to's. If you're a fan, what are your favorite episodes?

The One Where Monica Gets A Roommate
The pilot that started it all. Right smack in the middle of their twenties, we're shown where the characters are at the point of their lives. Ross was in the middle of getting a divorce, Joey was a struggling actor and Monica was trying her hand at the dating game. Rachel comes in the shop wearing her wedding dress, disturbing the once group of five. Pilots are usually make-it-or-break-it, but a ten season sitcom starring six relatively unknowns at the time, this show definitely made it big.

The One With Chandler In A Box
The first of the many thanksgiving episodes! Chandler and Joey's friendship gets tested when Chandler makes a move on his girl. In order to reflect on what he's done, Joey had Chandler stay in the box for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Monica invites her ex-boyfriend's son over for dinner after getting smitten with him. Richard's son + Chandler in a box = how many ways can one say awkward?

The One With The Prom Video
The episode where Ross and Rachel finally get together because of what Ross did years ago. Of course, an episode wouldn't be complete without a bit of Joey and Chandler antic, where Joey gave Chandler a friendship bracelet, but he lost it. It's really not much, but the episode won me over because of the prom video.

The One With All the Thanksgivings
After Thanksgiving dinner, the gang goes round the circle sharing thanksgiving bits. We find out what caused Monica to shred all the weight, and the aftermath of that situation. Not to mention, this is a big moment for Chandler and Monica, who were keeping their relationship a secret.

The One Where Ross Got High
A very important Thanksgiving dinner for Monica and Chandler, as she tells her folks that they're living together. Rachel tries her hand at cooking, while Joey and Ross get invited to a party by Joey's dancer roommate. This is one fun episode, with everyone dealing with their own crazies, not to mention the usual sibling bickering between Monica and Ross. Sometimes their best moments are when they rat out each other, evidence of their sibling relationship.

The One With The Football
Put me in a room with this episode and I'll be mouthing off most of the lines. One of the few physical-related episodes, we get to see another competitive side of the Gellars on the field. Not to mention, Chandler and Joey going at it again for another girl. Plus, aren't their strategy tactics a bit hilarious?

The One in Barbados Part I and Part II
This is sort of cheating, but you can't like one part while not liking the other! The writers decide to throw in the Joey-Rachel card, something that didn't have an inclination of happening until the recent seasons. Pheobe was finally getting her love life on track, but of course, being Monica and Chandler, they had to meddle in with what they know. There really wasn't much on these episodes, except to show track on how to get Joey and Rachel together. To be honest, I found Pheobe's storyline more darling to watch. I mean it was David (the love of her life) and Mike, the man who she had found love with. Who wouldn't want to know what will happen?

The One With All The Cheesecake
Rachel and Chandler are two of my favorite Friends, and it's a rare treat that they share a story arc together...and over for the love of the creamy cheesecake. While this may be a mediocre episode, we also see the appearance of David, played by Hank Azaria in Pheobe's life. I swear, their story runs with wrong timing. David really is Pheobe's soulmate, but while their love is genuine, it was not at the right place at the right time.

The One With Phoebe's Wedding
This was never something I imagined when Friends was about to wrap up. Of all the weddings I've seen in Friends history, this was the most beautiful. Plus I love how the focus is really just Pheobe and nothing in the storyline is stealing the spotlight from her. Throughout the show Pheobe has been dating countless of men, until she finds her one in the form of Mike Hannigan. Not to mention, Paul Rudd has been a great guest star, even if he was a bit awkward fitting in their circle.

The One With The Rumor
Brad Pitt fans will kill me when I say that this is one of my favorite Pitt performances ever. I love how his role was written for it, and it does add to the usual merriment during Thanksgiving. Ross and Monica's friend Will is over for Thanksgiving dinner. When he gets there, we find out that he has a grudge against Rachel, and the whole night pans out as to how far his hatred for Rachel goes. This does make for a funny episode considering that Jennifer and Brad were still married when this was shot.


  1. Amazing! I can't believe that you managed to put them in an order of some sorts.. Btw, I would have The one with the Lottery and then the episode with Danny DeVito here as well.. Emma's birthday was also amazing with the cake and all. Ah, f*** it, I'm gonna have to do a season line-up in order to make a TOP 10! :D

    1. Thanks! Those are great episodes as well! Loved the Danny De Vito one!

  2. I don't know how did you manage to do that! I tried to chose my favorites once and it was impossible, I love all of the episodes! Awesome to see "The one with prom video here", it's such a sweet and romantic episodes. I think my favorite one would be the one with 'Monica's Thunder" because of Joey trying to look 19teen, it was just too funny :P

    1. It's hard to choose just 10 (believe me, I have a lot of favorite episodes), but I picked out my favorite episode per season. Even that was hard to do.

      That was also a great episode!

  3. I love you just because you love FRIENDS! i dont know how many times i've had friends rerun marathon but i never got bored rewatching the series! and i don't think i can make 10 favorite episodes! so many to choose from! Although i always love The one with all the Trivia from season 4 (if i'm not mistaken).

    1. The one when Monica and Rachel lose the apartment? Loved that one as well!

      If I had to make an ultimate top 10 list, that would be really hard, which is why I chose to pick one episode per season instead.


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