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Romance, Hollywood Style

It's the month of love, and the month where Hallmark card sales go up the roof, not to mention the scarcity of roses, chocolates in heart shaped boxes and the standard teddy bear with the 'Be Mine' card sticking out of it. It's also the month where cheesiness can be tolerated and excusable, and the month where hearts are overused in every stall, restaurant, building. So while we're a few short days away from Valentines Day, what have you got planned? Mine is the standard work-home phase (it's a Thursday, not to mention the absence of a love life, haha). But for those with loved ones out there and are still thinking of what to do for the big V-Day, here's some inspiration from movies! Some may be absurd or all out impossible, but hey, it's romance according to Hollywood!

Go on a date and steal someone else's reservation. Who knows you might get to foil some scheme and bring your relationship to a new level?

 Date Night

Have an impromptu wedding!
The Five Year Engagement

Serenading works. Here's three ways you can do it:

10 Things I Hate About You

Say Anything (1989)

Blue Valentine

Be the miracle. 
A Walk To Remember

Reminisce about your love story. Make everyone around you cry whether it ends tragically or wonderful so they will all realize the value of finding your true love.

The Notebook

Learn a new language (if you both speak different languages)
Love Actually

Give up immortality (if you are immortal, of course)
Lord of the Rings

Propose at the least time expected. Intimacy is the key.
He's Just Not That Into You

Explore a city together and just have a life conversation.
Before Sunrise

Confess love in a public arena.
Never Been Kissed

Confess your love, period.
Love Actually

Fall in love all over again (with the same person, of course!)
50 First Dates

Cook together. Plus points if you're both really good at it.
No Reservations

Go crazy and have fun.

Sleep all day. Or just sleep. What matters is you're together.
Like Crazy

Disconnect selves from technology and read/study.
Love and Other Drugs

Go to the beach
The Notebook

Or you know, a special dinner would work. ;)


  1. LOVE this, it was so much fun! How have I not seen The Five Year Engagement??

    1. In lieu of Valentine season, you should see it! It's not that great though (in my opinion), there were a few laughs but the end redeemed the movie. :)


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