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(Some) Favorite TV couples

Day 3 of the Valentine day countdown!
Well, it's an unofficial countdown, but with the week of love upon us, why not do a week's worth of love-related posts? While movies give us a spectrum of romance in a span of 2 hours, television shows tend to do more than that. They give us season after season of exploring the romantic potential of the cast, leading to the term 'ship', and spawning numerous fan sites about them. With all the TV couples out there, there are some that are to be our favorite, or in web terms, we 'ship' them. Here are a couple of my favorite couples. 
*As much as I like Jim and Pam, they are sadly not on the list, simply because I haven't watched an entire season of The Office. Which is why I'm also keeping Don and Betty Draper (and others) off this list.

Free Spirits
Show: Happy Endings
Played by: Damon Wayans Jr. and Eliza Coupe
The couple who has the least baggage, Brad and Jane epitomize the statement 'living in the moment'. They're carefree, wacky and they go around without a care in the world. They both have different personalities but they make it work. They seem to be the glue that holds the gang at Happy Endings together, not to mention their relationship is synonymous to a manic pixie dream girl. 

Show: Skins UK (series 1 & 2)
Played by: Mike Bailey and Hannah Murray
The Cassie and Sid couple was born out of a situation. Tony and Michelle were on a quest to make Sid lose his virginity, and Cassie was their candidate. What started out as a convenient relationship turned into a whole elaborate of drama, as Cassie was dealing with her own weight issues and Sid is hopelessly in love with Michelle, who happens to be Tony's girl. Their relationship sort of works out in the end, as Sid flies to New York to look for Cassie.

Show: Skins UK (series 3 and 4)
Played by: Luke Pasqualino and Kaya Scodelario
The only reason I would even watch series 3 and 4 of Skins is because of them. Being with Effy itself is toxic, and there had been a lot of games played, but in the end, Effy did love Freddie. Compared to Cook, Freddie was different. Plus, they had on-screen chemistry, and Freddie really looked out for Effy, even during the times when she herself needed saving.

Wild Card
Show: How I Met Your Mother
Played by: Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders
When Barney and Robin were plotting out their characters, they are more alike than they think. They have similar views on love and commitment, but they were both looking for the same thing: to find someone who would change that for them: the deal breaker.. Now, they are a few episodes away from the altar, and thinking back, who knew someone who is afraid of long term commitment or even any kind of commitment be standing in an altar saying his/her I do's? Robin and Barney went through a lot during their break-up, and it took them to lose each other to realize that they already found who they were looking for. 

Wrong place at the wrong time
Show: Gossip Girl
Played by: Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester
Sorry Chair fans! All throughout the show, Blair was paired up with the three main men, and she eventually ended up with Chuck (because changing a bad boy triumphs everything else). When you look at Blair, technically the guy for her is Nate, because she has a strong personality and Nate is a bit of a pushover. I started watching Gossip Girl though because of this pairing. They are from two different social worlds, but somewhat they connect intellectually. I think Dan may be Blair's soulmate, because she was her best when she was with him. Although he doesn't have control when it comes to her strong personality, Dan makes up for it by keeping Blair grounded. He doesn't thrive in her need to keep things interested, but they take their relationship day by day. However, due to the circumstances around them, and with everything that happened, it was unlikely that they were going to end it with Dan and Blair (not to mention Dan is Gossip Girl). In another time, maybe, or if the situation was different, maybe they could have been. 

The Other Guy
Show: Dawson's Creek
Played by: Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes
It was in season 1 when Pacey started to think of Joey as more than a friend, but Dawson made him back off. It was in season 3 when the feelings were rekindled again, this time Joey was feeling it herself too. They embarked on their relationship knowing that everything was going to change, and it did. Dawson always factored in where their relationship was going, simply because he was her first love and his best friend. Their relationship was more pure compared to Joey and Dawson, because it doesn't self-destruct. Their break-ups were because of where they were standing at the time, but in the end, Joey chose the person who allows her to grow and will always love her. Not to mention, their relationship had the best romantic scenes. 

Young Love
Show: That 70's Show
Played by: Danny Masterson and Mila Kunis
Who would have known that Jackie and Hyde would work? They're at the different ends of a spectrum! Hyde was always sticking it out against the man, and Jackie is all about shopping and vanity. However, when they were put together, they somehow met in the middle. They were still their own person, but when with each other, they compromised. They looked out for each other's interests. I know I've been repeating this over and over again with the others but Jackie and Hyde were better people together. When Hyde cheated because he thought Jackie did, he immediately confessed when he found out the truth. It did cause Jackie's trust, but he didn't want to lie to her. Sure they had a lot of relationship drama because of their personalities, but they almost always make it. Although they did not end up together in the end (and I know some refuse to consider the last season as is), Jackie and Hyde together was the best thing that happened in the show. 

The Real Deal
Show: Friends
Played by: Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox
Who knew that the person they were looking for just lived across from them? Monica and Chandler had been in a stream of relationships, but everything changed when they decided to go Friends-With-Benefits mode. What started as a sexual relationship turned to the real thing. What I like about Chandler and Monica's relationship is that they weren't written to have dramatic twists, or to just live in the moment. They actually move forward. Their relationship isn't just fun and games, but there's reality in what they went through. From their beautiful proposal down to finally having the children they were meant for, it just moves forward from there. 


  1. PACEY!! Omg, my fav thing in the world!

    1. Loved Pacey! He was my favorite character on the show


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