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Valentine Movies

Happy hearts day, everyone! Hope all your plans are set because tonight is definitely going to be busy! If you forgot, then it's time to get creative and do last minute shopping and plans! If you're planning on having a movie night, whether with your friends, your special someone or alone (which isn't so bad, really), here's a few Valentine flicks to start you off!

Bridget Jones's Diary
Bridget Jones is my all time favorite leading rom-com lady. She's not perfect, but who is, or what is perfect, really? Based on the novel with the same name, Bridget explores the dating scene with her boss and the newly divorced Mark Darcy, as well as her own personal goals (lose weight, stop smoking) throughout the year. Watch this for the scene with Hugh Grant and Colin Firth matching each other in a fistfight. 

You've Got Mail
When opposites attract. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star as bookshop owners who connect through email, but are at wits end against each other, as corporate big name Hanks is closing all the small shops along the street. While Harry Met Sally is probably the best Meg Ryan romantic comedy there is, I haven't seen it yet, so I'm putting this on the list (they also co-star in Joe vs the Volcano). It's technology at its prime form, before we can online stalk or simply talk via tweets.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Valentine movie - also set on Valentine's day! When Joel and Clementine broke up, they underwent a procedure in which certain parts of their memory are erased, erasing their existence from one another. It mostly happens inside Joel's head, as he realized that he isn't ready to let go of Clementine, that he truly loves her. For those moments that we wish we could forget that it happened, sometimes we can make the same 'mistake' twice, not because of our memories, but because of the way we feel. This is a beautiful tale of love and hurt, and the performances of Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet are great. This is Jim Carrey at his finest, if you're a fan (or not) of the comedian.

Little Manhattan
The story of young love. Watch little Josh Hutcherson fall in love with Rosemary Tolesco (Charlie Ray). This may be a children's movie, but it explores the dimension of a first love in the purest form: through the eyes of children. Plus I'm also guessing that some might be with children (parents), so a Valentine themed movie for all ages. Another suggestion for a children-friendly romance themed flick: Wall-E (Wall-E and Eve are the cutest) and Flipped. 

What's Your Number
I'm basically putting this for a couple of reasons: eye candy (Chris Evans post-Avengers bod) and the whole douche-turned-good-guy concept that women seem to fall for. Anna Farris stars as a woman who is on the hunt for her Mr. Right - whom she might have already met. Thus, stalking her ex-boyfriends (and the inevitable 'he was right here all along' drama). It's a pretty fun movie; it's not great or romantic romantic, but a good, light watch for Valentines day.