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Trailer: The Fifth Estate

Hearing Benedict Cumberbatch talk here reminds me of Alan Rickman as Snape, for Cumberbatch has a certain accent of pronouncing his words. Upon some research, he's pulling off an Australian accent. This just proves that he does very well with voice acting, as his accent for the Star Trek film and his talking voice in Sherlock are different, therefore disguising his persona from one character to another. Here he plays the founder of WikiLeaks, an organization I'm not familiar with (sorry!), and how its services became a game changer. It looks interesting enough, and it has Benedict Cumberbatch on it. Hopefully it is as thrilling as it appears. 


  1. This looks a little more generic than I was expecting. This year's 'Social Network' this will not be. Still, I'm interested in where Cumberbatch's career is going to go. He's having a HUGE film year this year. He looks rather good here.


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