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Breaking Emotions: Surprise

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It's a new set of emotions for Mettel Ray's Breaking Emotions blogathon! This week's emotions are tears and surprise. I rarely cry at sad parts of movies, so I thought I'd stick with surprise itself. 

Now You See Me
The mastermind was Detective Rhodes

This is a one-time surprise, because when you see it again, you get the hints and the clues that it was actually him. I was recently talking about this movie with someone, and when the emotions this week came up, this immediately came to mind. I originally thought it might be Melanie Laurent, considering that she was always talking about magic and its history.

Shutter Island
Daniels was Laeddis and he was a patient in the hospital.

I honestly thought that it really was a detective story in a spooky island with mental patients. I was wrong (sort of).  

In Bruges
Harry Waters commits suicide; he thought he shot a little boy.

I honestly did not expect that moment to happen that instant. Harry Waters was a man of principle, and while I wasn't surprise if he was going to punish himself, I don't think it would be right after that whole scene.

Man of Steel
Superman snapped the neck of General Zod

I did not see that coming. It was all speeches when suddenly that whole scene happened. There were other ways as to how Superman could have stopped General Zod, but that was all in one quick motion. It definitely showed the flawed side of Superman, as he was simply thinking the best way possible to stop what was happening...and that was definitely a finite solution. 

Detective Mills shoots John Doe

For this surprise moment, I decided to go with the out-of-character approach rather than the surprise itself. I wasn't surprised that he shot him; if I were in his position, I would probably do the same. It was a decision made out of passion, out of wanting to get pure revenge. Detective Mills was a man of the law, and how his character thought was always on the rigid right way...up until that certain point that emotions can get the better of us. Up until that point he was working on his career, going up the ranks. He had aspirations to get to the top leagues and have a family. He might have given in on what John Doe wanted, but in thinking in the lines of passion, it was simply revenge. He lost a lot that day, not just his wife, but his dreams and principles as well.


  1. Great picks! I totally did not see the end of Shutter Island coming. I love that movie more and more after each watch.

    1. Shutter Island still sends me the chills until now. Loved the film!

  2. The last one is definitely.. a wow moment!

  3. I knew the end of Shutter Island because I read the book...and I figured that twist out about halfway through...

    But HELL YES to the end of Se7en...that was a real heart stopper.

    1. I was wondering how the whole scene was going to play out...that movie was amazing.

  4. great list! Ending to Se7en is legendary and still so powerful.

  5. There was a lot of things that wowed me in Now You See Me, but when it got to the end it was too much twist so it made me tired. Nice choices though!

    1. Now You See Me's twist was a one-time surprise kind of thing, but it had a lot of plot holes.

  6. Man of Steel was so surprising at the end and it goes without saying how amazing the Se7en ending is. Wish I'd thought of Shutter Island though!

    1. I didn't expect that would happen in Man of Steel. It was uncharacteristic of the superhero.


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