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Are you fond of Jane Austen? If you are, then this might be the movie for you. Tailored to suit Austen fans, Austenland brings to life a modern kind of living during the times of Jane Austen - and the setting for her literature. While it follows a cliche formula of a romantic comedy, it was an enjoyable movie - there were definitely cringe-worthy moments, but nonetheless a breeze to see.

Jane is a woman obsessed with the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice (having not seen the version, I don't understand the charisma Colin Firth has on the role). After getting tired of being dumped endlessly, she decides that she wants to do something fun and embarks on a holiday of a lifetime - an authentic Jane Austen experience. She does get into some trouble along her vacation - from choosing the cheapest vacation package down to getting caught breaking a rule. Of course, she also crosses paths with two men - the arrogant Mr. Nobly and the gardener, Martin. 

Within the first five minutes, from that not so sullen glare, we already know who she is going to end up with, but watching the charming Keri Russell prance her way to the world that she loved was enjoyable enough. The movie's comic tone was never dampened, especially with the presence of Jennifer Coolidge - who manages to steal her scenes. There is also the underrated Georgia King who keeps up on her end, playing a very exaggerated character. Jane Seymour as the hostess looked very much her role, though she wasn't integral to the movie's progression. 

I read the novel after seeing the movie, and with Jerusha Hess co-writting it with Shannon Hale, the story did not divert much from its original source. Some of the lines were even the same - the cliche 'hook, line and sinker' dialogue, most definitely. I commend its set design - it might not be in the same tone as other historical or classic literature setting, but it did have a lot of color and was very convincing in selling the experience part of the vacation.

I actually do wonder if there was a vacation like this, how much would it cost? Austenland provides us with that fantasy, by allowing us to see how it is to immerse at the experience during the time. It was an enjoyable movie, and the women were great in it. I can't say the same for the men though - still, it didn't ruin the movie experience.

Final Word: Austenland might be a familiar rom-com, but it certainly does not disappoint.

Cast: Keri Russell, JJ Field, Jennifer Coolidge
Director: Jerusha Hess
Year: 2013


  1. Your blog is so stylish! I love it!! Great review, too, I like Austen, so I'll give this one a watch once it's on Netflix or such. :P

    1. It's a fun movie. There's no expectations and it does give a glimpse of how it is to go on such a vacation! :)


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