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Spin Off Blogathon

Sati from Cinematic Corner is hosting her first blogathon! The mechanics are simple, yet quite challenging. I deviated a bit and instead of choosing one character, I chose three, but is considered to be one entity. We've joined Jesse and Celine to three movies spanning nine years, with their relationship in an entirely new level in Before Midnight. Yet, there's an integral part of their relationship that wasn't really featured - their children.

Hank, Ella and Nina are quickly shown at the beginning of the film, with Hank playing a big role in Jesse's thoughts at the latter part of the film. We meet Hank at the airport, on his way back home, engaging in last conversations with his father. Despite being with Jesse and Celine for most of his summer, Jesse voices out that he was missing most of Hank's childhood, and thought that he didn't have the best summer. Celine concurred, mentioning that she and Hank had some talks that indicated the two bonding. Ella and Nina were asleep for most of their duration onscreen, and represented the fruit of the ambiguous ending we get from Before Sunset.

Jesse and Celine are two people with different ideals and seem to make it work. I want to see how it will eventually influence their children. I don't mind watching another Before movie, but I'd like to see a film from the point of view of the children. I'd have it set years from the last film, where the three of them are grown up and going through problems of their own. I'd like to see if the idealism and the passion of their parents have influenced them, and if they turn out to be similar like them.

I'd set it as a drama, particularly the aftermath of Jesse's death, as it is through loss that we start to evaluate life. It could be death by old age, or a tragic accident, but something that affect Jesse's life, as he is the bond that brings the three together. It'll be set in Paris, and Hank arrives to say his final goodbyes, and stay on to cope with the loss. It's the setting that allows us to get to know them under a new light, when they're starting to form their own being. Besides that, I'd like to see how they interact with Celine, who is clearly a driving force when it comes to the Before trilogy. The momentum that Jesse and Celine have set through those years have given us thoughts and I'd like to see if their children will grow up the same. 


  1. I haven't seen Before Midnight yet but I love your idea - given my love for Before Sunset's ending I kinda hope they focused the third movie around the kids. Celine is such an interesting character and her interactions with the children would definitely make for some great scenes.

    1. Thank you! In Before Midnight, it looked like Hank and Celine had more conversations than he did with Jesse - I want to see if some of Celine's ideals also rub off Hank, considering that he has two separate families.

  2. What a spirited choice this is. I would love to see these kids again should the series return. Who knows how'll they'll end up.

    Also, "Ella and Nina were asleep for most of their duration onscreen, and represented the fruit of the ambiguous ending we get from Before Sunset." That is fantastic insight on your part.


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