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Trailer: Edge of Tomorrow

Another sci-fi movie of Tom Cruise that shows big promise. Groundhog Day meets every war movie, Cruise's characters continues to go back in time, changing the outcome of the future bit by bit. The trailer spells out the movie pretty clearly, so we'd know to expect a lot of explosions, Blunt's character dying probably multiple number of times and a lot of war action. I probably have the same expectations with this as I had with Oblivion. I just might catch it when it comes out on DVD (or will depend on the week's theatrical release - I don't mind watching explosive, blockbuster-y movies in cinemas, whether they deliver or not). 


  1. Love your comparison to Groundhog's Day - never thought of it before. I'm really looking forward to this despite the obvious action shown in the trailer. I read Blunt and Cruise worked incredibly hard to be able to wear those suits and the stunt work. :)


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