Blockbusted Blogathon

Katy from Girl Meets Cinema is hosting a blogathon, centering on the love for B-movies. When I think of a B-movie, I usually associate it with bad effects, and low budget causing said bad effects, but there's more to the category. There are so many movies to choose from, but I decided to go with the one I've seen recently - The Running Man. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it revolves around a game show who uses criminals as pawns and entertainment pieces, sending people, or stalkers as they're called to hunt them and kill them. Schwarzenegger played Ben Richards, a military man, was accused of a mass genocide, something that he didn't do (and tried to prevent). He later on finds himself in the game show, and the rest is history. I actually enjoyed watching the movie, flaws and all. I thought it was surreal and a bit weird, but enjoyable nonetheless. So without further ado, below are the reasons why the movie was awesome.

The fake scream. It sounded so…lifeless, you'd have to think if you'd scream like that if you're in a similar situation. The scream was actually stupidly funny.

The logic of one of the military men - of course, if they killed him, there wouldn't be a movie. Smart move. 

The importance of escaping. That was some complicated, yet not so complicated security system.

Richard Dawson as the host of The Running Man. He really does want entertainment even if he's just killing people. He knows entertainment and how to deliver it - at all costs.

The slow-mo shot of Ben Richards walking in form. Okaaaaay, Damon Killian. But that was a great scene.

The costumes! The shiny leotards (at least it made the running easier). One of the stalkers looked like a giant electric baby (and is a giant electric baby). 

The technology used to transplant a different face. So that's how they make twins? Also, that was damn fast editing for a live show. And quite smart, considering it's a terrible idea.

"I've got to score some steroids."

"Killian, here's your Subzero, now plain zero."

"Buzzsaw took care of my traveling arrangements."

Buzzsaw, Dynamo, Fireball, Subzero and Captain Freedom. All the stalkers' names are reflective of their "strengths". I think my favorite name would have to be Dynamo, though Fireball was the badass. 

Despite its inhumane ways, the game bridges the divide between the rich and the poor, though it's never really tackled in the dystopian world.

I have to ask, how is the government for this? Did they sell their soul/powers/rights to the tv company? This angle made it possible for the movie to have some sort of sequel, but it can't be called The Running Man. 

This actually has quite a solid plot. 

The format of the show was well-put. Not only do you get entertained, but you can also win prizes.

It definitely made me interested in reading the novel.


  1. Thank you for participating! I have seen the Running Man but the cheesiness sounds awesome. The 80s was such a great source of cinematic B-movies. :D

    1. Thank you for hosting the blogathon! It was fun (and the choices are endless!)

  2. This is a great choice. I actually have quite a soft spot for this film. It's an 80s masterpiece IMHO. Oh and Maria Conchita Alonso of course!