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Back to School Blogathon

Wendell of Dell on Movies is hosting a blogathon! This was a bit of a challenge because there were so many characters to choose from! Before anything else, here are the rules:

1. Choose at least 1 character to fit into each of the following roles:

Administrator (either a dean, principal, head master, or some other equivalent)
Star Student/Nerd
Jock/Class Bully
Popular Girl/Diva
Invisible Girl (aka not popular girl)
Class Clown
Troubled Youth

Of course, include a few words on why each character was chosen.

Some of the categories have slashes because there is a lot of overlap within. However, feel free to break those up to make your class even larger. For instance if you use a jock who is a nice guy, you can also include a bully. As long as you have the minimum number of students and others, your class can be as large as you like.

2. There are NO RESTRICTIONS on age. Theoretically, you can have Zach from Kindegarten Cop in the same class as Rodney Dangerfield's character to School

3. You can use multiple characters from a single movie, but a class must be made up of characters from at least three separate movies.

4. Use movies in which school is an important part of the plot or are largely set in a school.

5. Finally, use my banner somewhere in your entry and link back to this post.

Here are my choices per category:

Albus Dumbledore is known for his wisdom. His presence doesn't command fear, but respect. He's someone that people certainly look up, and while he may have indadvertedly made enemies along the way, he doesn't take it to harm. He wishes the best for people, and rather thinks of the common good.

Ok, so he's technically pretending to be a teacher to score some cash, but he managed to get a great band and release these students' inner creativity in his short stint in school. You may not learn a lot from class if he's the teacher, but at least you'll have fun going to class.

Whenever I think of a star student, these are the go-getter types, who not only possess the brains for academics, but molds their school experience with extra-curriculars. Tracy is one of those students who would stop at nothing to achieve her goal. She's quite ambitious, and puts in an extra effort in achieving her goals, even if she's playing it a bit 'differently' than others.

Cameron James may be labelled as that lovable nerd. He's smart, sort of goofy, and determined. He's also a bit awkward, but with a bit of charm (and good intentions), he managed to catch the girl of his high school dreams. 

He's athletic, charismatic, and a nice guy. He gives up his opportunity to play college ball in order to raise a family with his then girlfriend, and though he regrets it in the beginning, his time warp gives him an opportunity to realize what he really wanted in life.

Cher is the ultimate popular girl (at least in my book). She has style, a knack for persuasion and knows how to reinvent herself without throwing her personality away. She's well liked, and while she has her own frenemy, it's never an issue for her. She knows what she wants, and while it makes her spoiled, I don't think she's a total diva.

I decided to use the same character for two categories because she is a bully and a diva. Not only does she have her whole school on her finger tips, but she has personally victimized most of them. She also manages to be the queen in her home. She's ruthless, conniving and a princess who always gets what she wants.

Carrie is the poster girl for the category. She's ostracized in her home and in school, mainly because she stands out easily. Despite a well-intention attempt to include her in a memorable school event, it went awry real fast. At least we get to see Carrie in bouts of happiness before disaster strike. 

Ok, he doesn't look anything like Woodchuck Todd, but I wanted to highlight his being a mascot (and not the potential love interest of Olive). It takes one outgoing guy with a sense of humor to pull off what Todd does. Not only does he have to love doing his beaver stunts, but he had to be confident enough to pull off the original school mascot - and rile up the crowd while doing so. 

A simple lad trying to get by high school gets supernatural powers and begins to wield them for his greater good. Sure, he gets more out of his powers (compared to his friends, who were using the gifts for fun). If destroying the city you live in doesn't make him troubled, I don't know what will. 


  1. The only two I have actually seen are Carrie and Dumbledore, and maybe a little bit of School of Rock. Either way you've certainly got a diverse class and a good selection of characters.

  2. Cool class. I particularly like your choice for troubled youth. Chronicle was such a fun movie. Thanks so much for participating.

    1. Thank you! And thanks for hosting the blogathon, it was fun!

  3. I almost had Tracy Flick as star student as well but in the end switched it with Hermione. But great choice with Andrew Detmer...if I had a coed list, he would have been a contender.
    Wandering through the Shelves

  4. I love this class! Especially Carrie, that was a great choice. We had the same Headmaster too. Is there really anyone better? :)

  5. Nice list. School of Rock is such a fun film. Inspired choice. Cher is such a fashionable girl. Really should see that film again soon.


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