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Thursday Movie Picks: Coming of Age Movies

It’s another Thursday, which means another entry to Wandering Through the Shelves’ Movie Meme! There’s still one theme left for the year so it’s never too late to head over her site and join in the fun! This week’s theme probably has the most choices in movies, and a topic that doesn’t seem to be getting old: coming of age movies. Here are my picks for this week:

Coming of age movies usually consist of children realizing the pain of the world, but in this case, it’s a man-child realizing that he must be the grown up when he ‘befriends’ a kid. This was one of Nicholas Hoult’s early works (and you have to question why he isn’t as big of a name now), and Hugh Grant nails the man-child character easily. This one is in need of a re-watch even if there is a show based on it already.

Stoker was my absolute favorite movie from last year. The chemistry between Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode was eerily strange yet they were in sync. It definitely borrows style and tactic from other influences, but they all work together to tell the story behind Charlie Stoker (Goode) when he suddenly shows up in India’s (Wasikowska) life. 

Now Submarine definitely has its charms, especially stemming from Craig Roberts, who plays the main character. Not only does he deal with his somewhat blooming romance (and the woes that go with it), but he’s also busy dealing with the shatters of his parents’ marriage, especially when an ex-boyfriend of her mother’s move next door.


  1. I've only seen Stoker of the three, but I reallylike it a lot. Good picks!

  2. Stoker...what a really interesting choice! Really liked that one, as well as About a Boy. I haven't seen Submarine yet.

    1. I think Submarine is the most coming-of-age movie from the three. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you've mentioned somewhere (maybe in your blog, or in blogs we both frequent) that you were a fan of Sally Hawkins - it's not her most prolific work to date, but worth checking it out.

  3. I have only seen About a Boy. And it is great. Love the Badly Drawn Boy originals on the soundtrack. Been meaning to check out Submarine. Just haven't gotten around to it.

  4. Seen all. Love About a Boy and Stoker. I agree with what you said about Submarine being the most coming of age movie of your three picks but I guess the other two had protagonists who grew up quite a lot in the span of the movie.


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