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Thoughts on: Oscars 2015 Nomination

I usually don't post anything related to awards stuff (and would happily link you to those who can talk about it much better than I can), but there's a first time for everything. After reading the nominations, all I can say is...what happened? While I am thrilled for some of the nominations, there were some categories that left me surprised with the line-up. Like most of my thoughts, they're better off in a categorized form as well. 

Best Picture
Thrilled for: Whiplash. Why J.K. Simmons is getting a lot of buzz, I'm excited that Whiplash made the cut, considering that it had a much smaller audience compared to the others nominated. 
Snub: Gone Girl. How is it not here? That was one fantastic piece from David Fincher and it's not there on the list! I know it was divisive, but that's the beauty of it; it's thought provoking and speaks a lot about the issues of relationships.

Best Actor
Thrilled for: Steve Carell. He was always almost there, until he scored the nomination. 
Snub: No one, yet. I'm not specifically rooting for anyone in this category since I haven't seen any of their films, but I think it's a decent line up. I'm still catching up on their films so maybe before Oscars I'll have a clear grasp for this category. 

Best Actress
Thrilled for: Rosamund Pike and Felicity Jones. I haven't seen Jones's film, but I've liked her in previous works, so I'm really happy she's getting recognition (although this is such a tough category). Same goes for Rosamund Pike! I'm definitely rooting for her.
Snub: No one (sorry!). I'm for Pike in this one. 

Best Supporting Actress
Thrilled for: Laura Dern. Just because I like her! 
Snub: Anyone else who could have gotten nominated but Streep was chosen over all of them. I like Meryl Streep, but I don't think she should have been nominated for her work in this one. If Emily Blunt probably campaigned in this spot, she could have scored the nomination. 

Best Director
Thrilled for: Wes Anderson. Even if this is not my favorite work of his.
Snub: David Fincher. WHY?!

Best Animated Feature Film
Snub: The LEGO Movie. Although I had a feeling it wouldn't make the cut because of the non-animated part of the movie; at least that was my reasoning. But this was awesome. 

Music - Original Song
Thrilled for: Everything is Awesome and Lost Stars. Because finally the Academy gets something right. 

Adapted Screenplay
Snub: Gone Girl. Do Academy voters not like Gone Girl (and yet still pick Pike)?

I never really followed Oscar airings until last year because I was that student who refused to cut class to catch the ceremony. There's not much shocking nominations this year that we haven't heard before, considering the various awards bodies. You can view a complete list of nominees here. 

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  1. I'm bummed about all your snubs too, but I have to include Jake Gyllenhaal for Nightcrawler. Him not being there is insulting.

    1. I have yet to see Nightcrawler, but I've been impressed with Gyllenhaal's work recently.

  2. They had to nominate Pike, they were always into Hitchcock blonde characters but the snub for everything else shows how little they understood the movie :/

    1. Agreed. I can't believe that's the only sole nomination when the film has so much more great things about it.

  3. Hey, what a coincidence. I literally just posted my own extended rant about the Academy's choices this year. I'll agree that Boyhood and The Grand Budapest Hotel deserved nominations but what I want to know is why Interstellar has barely been nominated for anything. I thought that was one of the best of the year, an incredible achievement and yet because it's science fiction (the horror) the Academy refuses to acknowledge it.

    1. Isn't Gravity science fiction? It was acknowledged last year (and was my pick for best picture). Kind of surprised that Interstellar didn't score a cinematography nod.

  4. Snubs abound for poor Gone Girl. This year is such a joke, but I'm elated to see the praise for Whiplash :)

    1. I'm thrilled for Whiplash! Though it's unlikely to win BP, it deserves its recognition.

  5. Great list! If you have the chance to see Wild, Dern is absolutely wonderful. When the trailer came out originally, I knew she would get nominated and I'm so happy she did. :)

    1. I'm looking forward to watching Wild, hopefully I get to it before the ceremony.

  6. I am also thrilled for Carell, Jones (I liked her in her previous works too), Pike and Lost Stars. Perhaps the competition this year is too tight to include Gone Girl, though it is a great thriller


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