The African Queen

I don't usually schedule my blind spot viewings beforehand, but before I knew it March was coming to an end and I still haven't gone to watch any of the movies. The African Queen landed on my blind spot list because it was something that I was told was a fantastic movie. I thought, why not go with this one? I got hooked from the opening credits alone, so this must be a good sign. *Note: this post contains spoilers*

Through Mr. Allnut, missionaries Rose and Rev. Sayer hear about the war and witness its effects in their village, with the incident sending the reverend to his death bed. When Mr. Allnut finds Rose in the abandoned village, he takes her to his boat (aptly named African Queen), where he was eventually roped into a plot involving taking down German ship guarding the lake. The rest of the film chronicles their adventure down the river, and into their impending relationship. 

I quite enjoyed the movie - the adventure, navigating the rapids, even encountering an animal or two. In the movie world, it was inevitable that they fall in love. I might not go for their romance, if not for the two leads portraying them. Both actors gave great performances, but I don't think this movie is something I would remember them for. To be honest, I enjoyed the adventure more than the romantic plot, and would even like it if they ended up as friends. 

Final Word: It was enjoyable, but I doubt I would be remembering it a few years from now. 

Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, Robert Morley
Director: John Huston
Year: 1951


  1. Also a Blind Spot for me. Maybe next year. Great review.

  2. I remember this one. The African Queen is a classic, I loved the interactions between the two leads. I guess I can see why you'd have some uncertainties about the romance, but to be fair for a movie made in 1951 Katharine Hepburn plays a pretty strong character. I mean, she is after all the one who comes up with the elaborate plan to take out the German warship (if anything, she ends up taking command while Humphrey Bogart gets dragged along).

    1. I liked how her character was the one who initiated the idea as well as how she turned out to be the strong one between the both of them. It was certainly a personality that Bogart's character wasn't expecting.