Of Human Bondage

As a song lyric goes, 'love hurts'. Love, in both its good and bad forms take place in Of Human Bondage. Philip is a medical student who becomes enamored with Mildred, a waitress. She uses his attraction in her advantage by choosing to appear and leave his life whenever it suits her fancy. The whole movie does sound predictable, but it captured my attention.

Thursday Movie Picks: Mother - Son Relationships (Biologically Related)

At the end of each month, Thursday Movie Picks has a recurring All in the Family Edition theme, with this month being about mother and son relationships. Like always, my choices this week would focus on the relationships rather than actual mother-son movies. Here are my picks this week:

Trailer: Return to Sender

With Rosamund Pike's fantastic turn as Amy Dunne, she's pretty much hot property for dramas and thrillers at this point, with Pike engaging in a dark, sinister movie. She looks great in this and while I think it will go on a predictable route in the end, if the trailer's any indication of how intense things are going to be, I will most likely be watching this movie. What do you think? 

Thursday Movie Picks: Movies Based on Graphic Novel/Comic (Non-Superhero)

I missed last week’s Thursday but it's back! Thursday Movie Picks is a weekly meme hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. If you haven’t joined in, it’s never too late! This week’s theme are movies based on graphic novels/comics that are not superheroes! Here are my choices this week:

Trailer: The Intern

I've seen some BTS photos of the movie since last year, so I am finally glad it's getting released. I know that I am going to watch this whether it turns out good or bad; the immediate need to will depend if it is good or bad. Still, Robert De Niro doesn't get as much meaty roles as he did back then; his last 'good' role was 2012's Silver Linings Playbook. Anne Hathaway looks reserved in this movie - I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. What do you think? 

The Five Obstructions

When the film appeared on my watch list a few days ago, I was immediately reminded of a blogathon I joined some time back. Here was a chance to see the film that inspired the blogathon, and needless to say, I was impressed. This was fantastic! When I hear the words Lars von Trier, there’s a certain image that goes along with his body of work. I might not be versed with his filmography, but with various articles and films of his circulating around the internet, it’s hard not to make a collective assumption about his work. If I only knew him by this documentary, I would have a different image of the director.

The Skeleton Twins

A few weeks ago I was reading a young adult book about two teenagers on the verge of suicide. When they encountered each other at the top of their school's building, they somewhat talked each other out of jumping off the ledge and they immediately became friends. I was reminded of the book when I got around to watching The Skeleton Twins. Two people on different points of their lives saw death as a way out, and they somewhat start to save each other.

Movie Roulette Blogathon

As part of the celebration of her and her blog’s birthday, Mettel Ray is hosting a blogathon! It’s quite simple and fun - here are the rules:

1. There are 25 facts, you have to pick 5 or more and for each, you drag out a movie as an answer!
*Click on the gif, hold it and drag out a single movie 
2. You can only drag out one movie for each statement, no do overs, guys!
*If you haven’t seen the movie (or can’t recognize it) you can pick again.*If you pull out a movie you already dragged out, you can try again until you get a different one. 
3. Write down your answers and feel free to comment whether they make sense or not.

4. Link back to this announcement, and link to the Movie Roulette Ultimate Gif Set as well!

*The gif set does have some movie title glitches, apologizes!5. Last but not least, have fun!
I answered every question, following a pattern (1st, 6th, 11th, 16th and 21st question using the first gif set and so forth) and went with my 10 favorite pairings for this post! These are arranged by question number, so here are my favorite ones:

Thursday Movie Picks: Work Place Movies

It’s another Thursday which means another week for Thursday Movie Picks, hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves! This week’s theme is about work place movies. When I think of work place I usually think of four walls, paperwork, and all the technical jibber jabber there is in offices. However, a workplace is more than that, so I’m going to go ahead and deviate from that one. Here are my choices this week:

Double Feature: American Gigolo / Pretty Woman

I think the theme of this double feature review is quite obvious. Here are two Richard Gere movies where he gets to play the ends of the spectrum - American Gigolo and Pretty Woman, released ten years apart.


Alicia Vikander is currently known for her role as Ava in sci-fi movie Ex Machina. She has also nabbed roles in movies like Anna Karenina and The Fifth Estate. However, I really only got to notice her talent in the Swedish film, Pure. This skyrocketed her career in feature films, garnering her praise for her performance. Rightly so, as Vikander was able to provide life in a tale that seems old as time.

04/15: My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever.

Hi there! How did April treat you? I don't know about you, but it's quite hot over here - not warm, hot. I've already geared up on sunblock as my skin gets freckles when burned. I'm also taking the reading challenge over at Goodreads and I'm already halfway through my reading mark. Granted a few of those are graphic novels, but I've already found a few favorites from the selection. The new Avengers movie gets released today in the US, but it was released earlier in other countries - one of the few times we get to watch a movie earlier than the US. It was good, but on a general note I prefer the first movie. Speaking of movies, I've only seen two releases this year, and it's almost half the year! I think it's mostly due to disinterest in new releases; is 2015 off to a rocky start? Some of the movies that premiered in the festival circuit sound promising, though we'd have to wait longer for them to get a wide release. Anyway, onto this month's recap!