Trailer: Irrational Man

Part of this year's Cannes festival line up, Woody Allen's Irrational Man features a professor entering a relationship with his student. The cast line-up sounds great, although most thrilled with Parker Posey being in the cast; she doesn't do 'big' films these days. This one I could slightly get on board with, as Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone doesn't look so awkward and 'father-daughter'-ly when standing next to each other. Their chemistry kind of reminded me of Josh Radnor and Elizabeth Olsen's movie (professor-student setup as well). Whether reviews are positive or negative, this one is on my radar; I don't think it could get any worst from last year's Woody Allen installment. 

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  1. I liked that. This could be good...great cast, great director, but as we've seen with Woody...great cast + great director just doesn't always work.