Oscar Re-Do Blogathon

I've read about this blogathon hosted by Matt of Film Guy Reviews through others' entries and I wanted to join in the fun. Before anything else, here are the rules:
1. You must only pick one film from one year.
2. When nominating it in different categories, you must take out one actual nominee to make room for yours.
Ex: Shame (2011)
Best Picture
-Who goes off: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Best Director (Steve McQueen):
-Who goes off: Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris
3. After including it in each category you chose, give a short blurb as to why you would've entered it in the different categories that you chose and why you would've nominated it over the nominees that you replaced.
4. It can be a film that is already nominated. But one that only has about one or two.
5. After posting on your blog, you can post the link in the comments section of this page or tweet me @filmguy619.
You guys have two weeks to take part in this blogathon and I look forward to what you guys come up with. Have fun!
Since my film knowledge isn't that vast, I went with recent Oscar years, particularly the 86th Academy Awards. I was rooting for Gravity to win, but a film that I think deserved some love (or recognition) is Park Chan Wook's Stoker.  It was one of my favorites that year, and I was hoping that it would get notice in two categories namely the ones below:

Best Cinematography
removing: Nebraska

Best Production Design
removing: American Hustle

Stoker was well-shot; the framing and lighting elevated the screenplay. It was and felt haunting. The film looked gorgeous, and there was great attention to detail. It really felt like the Stokers were living in a different world, even if it was set during the present time. I removed Nebraska because while I initially liked the film, I don't remember much of it now as opposed to Stoker. I wasn't a fan of American Hustle's production design (although they had great costumes) so swapping it for Stoker.