Pilots: September 21 - 25

The end of September means pilot season! A ton of new shows are going to be released for the following weeks, and I thought I’d give a run down to what I’ve seen so far last week.

Blindspot follows a FBI agent who gets entangled in a Jane Doe case when they find his name tattooed on her back. I wasn’t really planning on watching this but seeing advert after advert, I decided to give it a go. I definitely did not regret it, as the pilot episode provides enough mystery as to who Jane Doe might be, and doesn’t give a clear predictable path to where the show might be headed. I’ve only seen Jaimie Alexander in the Thor movies so I’m very excited on how she’ll fare on the small screen. 

Verdict: Tuning in.

The Muppets is a mockumentary-type show about the Muppets doing a late night show. If you’re looking for the feel of the previous Muppets movies that have relaunched the group, well, it’s not here. It’s very much for adults. The characters are carrying different personas and characteristics that are different from their movie counterparts. It does have The Office feeling to it though. I do wonder how they’re going to move the show. Do we root for Kermit and Miss Piggy? And is the show only going to revolve around them? Does everyone else get new stories?

Verdict: Undecided. 

Rosewood is a crime-fighting show featuring a pathologist and a detective. The crime mystery of the episode wasn’t that thrilling, and a lot of medical terms were thrown out. Would a police department would spend that much money on a private pathologist? It’s kind of like House-meets-Castle, set in Miami. 

Verdict: I’m already committed to a few crime-fighting shows so this one might take a backseat.

Scream Queens is a show surrounding a sorority house. It’s headed by Emma Roberts, who initially buts heads with a new pledge, played by Skyler Samuels. On top of that, there’s a sorority party event that happened twenty years ago that’s somehow connected to all the deaths happening at the house. I never watched American Horror Story or Glee, so I’m not sure how the creators worked. I was kind of hooked, until the last twenty minutes of the pilot. Now the show’s just ridiculous. 

Verdict: Skipping it unless something really intriguing happens.

The Player is another crime fighting show, except that in this one, they predict the crime and gamble whether the player would be able to succeed. This time, the player is a security specialist who gets dragged to the game when his ex-wife was murdered in front of his eyes. I had a hard time liking this one. It does put a new twist on the crime-fighting thing, but I found the lead character to be uncharismatic, and the sidekick woman a bit annoying. I watched this because Wesley Snipes was in it and I thought he’d be playing a bigger character. 

Verdict: Skipping. It really doesn’t piqued my interest.


  1. I watched the Scream Queens pilot and cringed the whole way through. I'm still undecided whether I like it or not. I feel like it might be trying too hard to be self aware/quirky but as a fan of AHS, I really want to like it!

    1. I wanted to like it because it seems to be something I'd like but maybe I'll watch it when something interesting comes up.