Top 10 Books in 2015

It's that time of the year again - year end lists! I'll be posting my films lists in January, but for now, here's my book list. This year I got to read an incredible selection of books varying genres. Not all of them were gems, but there were clear standouts to the roster. It was hard to narrow the selection to only the top 10, but these are the books that stood out and would recommend to read. These aren't ranked in order.

Blind Spot: Requiem for a Dream

For the two years that I’ve participated in the blind spot series, I’ve reserved what I think was the bleakest, most daunting film for the finale. I’ve failed to complete my whole list for the year, but 11 out of 12 doesn’t seem so bad. I’ve heard good things about Requiem, how it was so bleak and depressing, but also a fantastic film. Up until I’ve seen the film have I been overselling it to my head, saving what I thought was the best for last. Sad to say but it did not meet my expectations.

The Good Dinosaur

Or How We Are All Arlo – Pixar’s latest venture may not be as grandiose as its previous outing (see Inside Out), but the struggle of the main character is real and relatable in what seems to be more of a children’s story. Arlo is a cautious dinosaur that fears a lot of things; he is a weakling compared to his quick-witted sister and his strong brother. One day, due to a storm and his encounter with a critter, he manages to get swept away from his home and into the wild. Along with his new friend Spot, he tries to get back home to his family. 

Far From the Madding Crowd

Bathsheba Everdene is an orphan girl who is quite independent in her ways. One winter, she encounters Gabriel Oak, a shepherd who becomes smitten with her. When he proposes to marry her, she rejects him saying that she has no need for a husband. This is where the film begins; the journey of Bathsheba and her tangling fate with Mr. Oak, as well as her journey to love.

Trailer: X-Men Apocalypse

Since the holiday season begun it's become difficult to just sit down and blog (or do any blog-related activities) - how do you guys do it? I'm just going to leave you with the new X-Men trailer. It looks very flashy and more dramatic but I'm not sure how it'll fare with its predecessors. The third X-Men movie was horrible, I'm hoping this doesn't suffer the same fate. What do you think? Are you looking forward for the final installment?