Thursday Movie Picks: Summer Camp

Thursday Movie Picks is a weekly event hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. This week is about summer camp movies. The concept of summer camp that I’m familiar with are only in the movies – the sleep-away type with cabins and such. Here are my picks this week.

The Final Girls
I’ve raved a bit about The Final Girls, a horror-comedy flick where a group of teenagers get sucked into a horror movie set in a campsite. Beyond running for their lives away from the Freddie Kruger type murderer, one of the teenagers resemble some kind of relationship with a character who was her real-life mom.

Wet Hot American Summer
Wet Hot American Summer is a comedy that transpires during the last day of camp. A lot of comedic stars are part of this movie, which has now transpired to a TV show, with a second season on the way. 

The Parent Trap
The characters don’t stay in camp for the duration of the movie, but it is where twins Hallie and Annie meet for the first time and find out they’re twins. I prefer the remake over the original one; Lindsey Lohan was a delight here.


  1. I love Wet Hot American Summer and The Parent Trap is pretty nostalgic to me. Oh the days when Lindsay Lohan wasn't a trainwreck..

    1. Lohan definitely had a career ahead of her back then.

  2. The Final Girls is such a clever, sweet film. i was really impressed with Ackerman's performance there