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Blind Spot: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of those popular movies with a huge following but I know nothing about the plot. The only person I knew in this movie was Tim Curry, and that’s because his face is usually plastered when this movie comes up in conversations. When I started my viewing, I immediately understood why this has such a big following; it was really fun.
To try and explain this would be futile. At most I would classify this as a dark comedy musical in where two people gets stranded in the middle of nowhere and seeks help to a nearby home they passed by. When they get to the house, they were in for a night that they wouldn’t imagine.

Tim Curry was excellent. His grand entrance was memorable – his acting was fantastic. He was definitely the star of the show. I also think this was peak Tim Curry, I don’t know any roles of his after this that are as acclaimed as Dr Frank N Furter. I can’t imagine any actor playing the role; his performance is reason enough to watch this.

The songs were catchy, the set looked great – it was a visual treat. This is the kind of movie where you’re not in it for the plot as beyond the point to introduce Curry, nothing really made sense anymore. But this movie was so fun! It wasn’t what I expected, considering I was anticipating something horrific to happen (due to the ‘horror’ in the title). I have ‘abandoned’ my blind spot list for most of the year, and I’m glad I didn’t miss out on this. The movie still holds up today, and is quite a delight.

Cast: Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick
Director: Jim Sharman

Year: 1975


  1. Great review! I love this movie, I just re-watched it again the other day. It's so much fun. I get what you mean about the plot though, it's....strange. lol

    1. The plot doesn't make sense past the character introductions but this was a really fun film.

  2. Nice review! Rocky Horror is so much fun to watch, but I must say, halfway through I start feeling like I took hallucinogens and have no idea what's going on. lol

    1. It does get confusing after the character intros but it was really fun; no wonder it has a cult following!


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