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My Movie Alphabet Volume 2

In celebration of the 7th birthday of her blog, Mettel Ray has hosted the second round of her movie alphabet blogathon! Head over to her site and join in the fun! I participated in her first blogathon, and had a blast writing this so I was definitely in the second time around. When I first made this list, I was just thinking off the top of my head and placed a few things in there for the sake of crossing off some letters. I did end up thinking a lot for this list, and I went with things that are currently relevant to me. I also tweaked the rules a little bit, only because I don't want to let go of some of my picks. I think this list is a much clearer reflection on where I am in terms of my preferences compared to my previous years. 


  1. Oh, some really great picks here, Anton Yelchin is definitely a pick I felt bad about not picking but since I was very strict with my own picks, first letters only, it was a bit more difficult to include all these movies and people I love and adore.

    Thank you so so much for participating! :)

  2. Ahh great choices! I felt so bad about not including Alfonso Cuaron in my own list but I'd have to kick out Adam Driver or Anna Kendrick and I just couldn't do it!

  3. Oh man I wish I would've thought of Wild Tales for my W. That letter was so hard, I had so many things I wanted to use.

    I love so many things about this list. Violet and Daisy was a great choice for V.

  4. Awesome list! So many great movies and actors. I completely forgot to put Kirsten Stewart on mine, darn! :P


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