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Thursday Movie Picks: Amusement Parks

Thursday Movie Picks is hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. For more entries and to join in, head over to her blog for themes and links. This week is about amusement parks, and here are my picks for the week. 

Adventureland – This stands as my favorite Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg movie. I’m a big fan of the soundtrack, and this is also one of those cases where I found Ryan Reynolds to be tolerable (not a big fan of his, sorry!). 

Jurassic World – The movie wouldn’t rival to the original, but the park upgrade is still enticing enough to wish that this was a real thing (minus the dinosaur rampage). 

3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain – This was one of those kid movies we had lying around when I was younger, and to this day this is the only 3 ninjas movie that I have seen. Is this the competitor of The Karate Kid? The three siblings end up thwarting an evil plan while enjoying their brother’s birthday in an amusement park.


  1. Oh shit. We have the same pick in that godawful 3 Ninjas movie. Man, that is such a horrible film. It's actually the 4th version of the film but features none of the original cast except for the old man playing the grandfather and goddamn, it is horrendous and I heard stories about the production as many of the adult stars were so depressed into what they were doing.

    1. That's awful. I used to think these movies were fun when I was a kid - I think I might catch up with the old movies sometime.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas 3 Ninjas! I used to love those movies, I'm sure they would hold up terribly if I watched them now. I also chose Adventureland. Hated Jurassic World, I chose Jurassic Park.

    1. The movies aren't any good, but they were fun to watch back then. I would go with Jurassic Park, but I've used it in another theme!

  3. I haven't seen the 3 Ninjas and probably won't. Adventureland sounds like a fun flick even though I can't stand Jesse Eisenberg. I have seen Jurassic World and it's pretty bad but laughable bad.

    1. It's not really a nostalgic kind of movie, but a fun watch back then.


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