Thursday Movie Picks: Family (TV)

Thursday Movie Picks is hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. The last Thursdays of every month has been television-related, with this month’s theme being about TV families. Most of the television shows I watch nowadays have a family center in them. Here are my picks this week.

Jane the Virgin – The main family here is the Villanueva women, but that has very much expanded. Despite all the shenanigans and fighting the characters go through, at the end of it all, they still have each other’s backs.

Black-ish – What stands out for me about this show is how it chooses to discuss such as gender, race, and current events. The cast is fantastic, although I wish the children and Rainbow were written in more. 

Fresh Off the Boat – Constance Wu is the standout of this show. I love her portrayal of Jessica Huang, and how she and Randall Park balance each other in the family dynamic. The show also finds its roots in Chinese culture while assimilating into the Western society. 

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  1. Looooove Jane the Virgin! I'm so behind though, ugh. I hope I catch up soon!