Thursday Movie Picks: Workplace (TV)

Thursday Movie Picks is hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. This month’s television theme is workplace television shows. Here are my picks for the week. 

30 Rock – Liz Lemon is my spirit animal. The show is basically the backstage drama of the writers and actors of TGS, alongside with their boss (who takes on Liz as his protégé). This was hilarious, and I really liked the banter between Liz and Jack Donaughey.

House MD – By the end of its run I was barely watching the show, but it is still one of those medical shows that I loved. I liked the case by case basis of the show, and they tried to vamp it up by bringing in new people but cast departures muddled the show a bit. I watched the first three seasons (the peak of the show in my opinion) this year and basically, lupus is not the answer to everything. 

The Mindy Project – I think The Mindy Project has struggled to find its footing. With the direction the show went in, I’m glad they written (spoilers) Danny Castellano out of the show. The great chemistry between him and Mindy Lahiri does not weight out the eventual troubling direction their relationship went to. I actually like the dynamic of the latter seasons, although it's still finding its ground with the new members of the cast. The show has its ups and downs, but still a good show overall.


  1. I never watched 30 Rock religiously and I don't know why because every time I saw an episode I really enjoyed it. I've seen bits and pieces of your other two picks but never watched them completely.

  2. This so weird. I see a "Your comment was published" message above the comment box even though this is the first time I'm typing a comment.

    Anyway. The Mindy Project is the only one I've seen. I think I've only seen the first two seasons. It's funny, just that I was never really able to follow the timings.