Justice League

Justice League is DC’s foray into introducing new but familiar characters, and an entry way to the solo movies these characters have lined up. Taking place after the events of Batman v Superman, Batman recruits people with special abilities to take on a threat that can destroy the world. While far from being a flawless flick, Justice League does enough to quench the thirst for the new characters, but not enough to be a solid blockbuster that it should be.

The plot is straightforward, and all the events the characters experience all go directly to resolving the conflict. Any character development is in correlation to the story, thus the movie doesn’t linger to one place for a long time. The movie does quick introductions and backgrounds to the new players at hand: Arthur Curry, Barry Allen, and Victor Stone, who were Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg respectively. With Aquaman and Flash getting solo outings, their presence in the franchise is very much welcome as they (along with Cyborg) add a new dimension to the franchise. The only character who spent some time outside the group was Superman, and his stint as evil Superman wasn’t long. Even his arc is related to the movement of the story as the screenplay peppered the movie with information explaining why such and such were necessary. 

Because of how the story was curated, I found this to be a short superhero movie. It was entertaining, but at the end of it, was it just that? I did appreciate that it didn’t feel like five movies at once, but it lacks adrenaline that would make the movie fly off the roof. Everyone’s performances were good, but a standout would be Ezra Miller, who plays Flash. He was a comic relief, and a good one at that. There is camaraderie present among the characters that I wish could have been explored more. They weren't given a complex conflict that would showcase the actors a lot more. 

Justice League is an entertaining movie, and I hope that this would not be the end of their group movies. The DC universe is as vast as the Marvel universe, and the company could do a lot with the property.

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