Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue is the second book of the Ruby Red trilogy, with the movie adaptation released in 2014. The movie does recap the main points of the story, but it is about a time traveler named Gwendolyn, and how she must uncover the prophecy concerning her, as well as to find the missing chronograph.

The movie doesn't waste its time and continues on with the story, hence with the the background of events narrated by the main character at the beginning. In the sequel, she learns more about the people who stole the chronograph, as well as some things about herself. The movie primarily focuses on her allegiance to the lodge and their leader, as well as her relationship with Gideon. As far as sequels go, this was so-so. It doesn't bring any new information, except that everyone is not to be trusted. Her relationship with Gideon is on a new level, and despite what she should be focusing her efforts on, she spends a lot of time pondering whether her relationship is a real, genuine one. 

I would have thought that I'd had gotten used to the whole instant-love that Gwendolyn and Gideon have, but their relationship is the frustrating part of the movie. The movie tries to create a love triangle between them and Charlotte, and every time a woman would go near Gideon, she would be furious and frenzied. Their relationship is problematic - with everything that happens in the movie, I wonder how they will make things work out.  

I'm looking forward to watching the concluding movie. Based on the sequel, I think it's best to binge watch the movies because it seems to flow into one big movie. This movie doesn't have much in terms of content, and considering that it recapped the first movie, the final movie of the trilogy should tie things together.

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