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Trailer: The Big Wedding

Oh look, Katherine Heigl is in another rom-com where she plays another uptight character...but she is not the star! 
This week has not been a good movie week. I managed to see A Streetcar Named Desire and after reading a bit about it, I realized that there were elements that I did not understand. I do have a question though; are all female leads in black and white films written to be overly dramatic and vaguely annoying? They all seem to be rather jumpy and sentences come out of their lips as paragraphs. I also got to watch The Purple Rose of Cairo last night, and while it wasn't the best Woody Allen film I've seen, I like the whimsical factor of it. I expected it to be quite short, and while the romantic feeling was there, I felt that it wasn't explored fully, that it was just settling on the ground. Still, it's a good film. 
The Big Wedding is basically another rom-com starring some of the biggest actors on screen. While I deem the movie to bomb, I believe Robert De Niro would at least be good at it, even if he is playing alongside Diane Keaton (whose credibility still has a profile, but her acting chops have faded, in my opinion) and Susan Sarandon. It's obviously the three of them who are the stars, but it looks like Katherine Heigl is trying to steal some of the spotlight by having some relationship crisis with her father (and does not do anything for the story). Definitely not one for the theaters. 


  1. I haven't seen A Streetcar Named Desire, so I don't know how the women talk in that film... but they definitely had a different acting/speaking style in those days, and I think that's more noticeable in the women - sometimes they're very dramatic, indeed. I don't know, I guess it's a matter of getting used to it, and I sure am. Either way, no doubt there are some performances better than others in that aspect.

    Wow, The Big Wedding has quite a cast! I agree, I probably won't watch it in the theatres, but still, I hope it's good. It's incredibly hard to find romantic comedies these days who aren't boringly predictable and poorly written. Hmm, Diane Keaton... I'm a fan, but I haven't seen her in a good film for ages. I still haven't figured out if I like Heigl or not, maybe TBW will clarify that.

    1. Thanks for clarifying that! I always thought that they were simply written that way, because the men don't seem to be dramatic compared to the women. I just might need to get used to it. :)


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